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Exploring the Money-Making Potential of Your Blog: 4 Simple Ways to Monetize It

So you have a blog? That’s good!

If it’s been around for years yet hasn’t produced a single dime for you, you might want to look the other way.

To be clear, looking the other way doesn’t mean you need to abandon your blog. Rather, it means that you should check out these ways on how to use it to earn income.

Make Money with Your Blog


1] Turn to Google AdSense

Firstly, introduce yourself to popular ad types.

  • CPM ads that are based on a “Cost Per 1,000 Impressions” model.  These ads pay you depending on the number of people who view your ad.
  • CPC ads that that take on a “Cost Per Click” model. These ads pay you based on the number of clicks your ad gets.

And once you’re familiar with these ads, you need to sign up with Google AdSense. Then, place a banner (that the program provides) on your blog.

Google AdSense is one of the most reliable programs that offer CPM and CPC ads. But if it doesn’t pass your standards, you have a sea of options. Some are Infolinks and Chitika.

2] Do Affiliate Marketing

You should also consider placing affiliate links on your blog or squeeze them in your content. This will work wonders for you especially if you write engaging blog posts. That, and if you publish them regularly.

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing works like this.

  1. You will sign up with an affiliate marketing program like Amazon Associates, Rakuten, and ShareASale.
  2. You will browse affiliates. Also You will then choose one whose product is worth marketing on your blog.
  3. You will receive a special link. And this special link is what you will use on your blog.
  4. A shopper buys a product through the link you posted on your blog.

And just like that, you can earn a commission. Your goal, therefore, is to figure out how to be a superstar at this.

You must be wondering: “How can I promote a product that I plan on selling?”You can review it, post product teasers, present its benefits, and more. The approach to this is totally up to you!

Still want to know more about affiliate marketing?

Well, for starters, go online. The internet is your friend. There are plenty of resources that can fill you in. You can read this guide here, too!

3] Market Digital Products

You can also use your blog as a marketplace!

E-books, apps, and online courses are examples of digital products. You can create them and then use your blog as a venue for selling them.

Think of your blog as a mall. It has other features and sights to check out — your content — and it also has a product up for grabs!

This is a genius plan – and a profitable one, too. When you already have a product, you wouldn’t need to create another one. You can just capitalize on selling that one product for the long haul.

For example, you successfully created an e-book worth selling. What you do now is focus solely on selling that e-book instead of coming up with another e-book.

4] Build a Portfolio

Another way to monetize your blog is to let it serve as your gallery. This approach might not generate money for you directly. But it’s a simple way of prepping you up for better and bigger possibilities.

In this sense, picture your blog as your resume. It’s where employers go to so they can hear you out.

Because your goal is to let your blog reveal the best in you, you should show off your best skills. You should use it to give potential clients an idea of your profile.

For example, you’re a freelance web content writer. Therefore, you need to use your blog as a place for featuring your best works. This way, if a client wants to hire you, they can easily visit your blog to determine if you’re the right fit.

Be careful, though. Avoid posting blog content that can put a dent on your image.

Remember, the idea of using your blog as your portfolio is to elevate your reputation. You need to present yourself in a respectable and professional way. One of the crucial factors that can shape your blog’s success, after all, is your authoritative nature.

Final Thoughts

And beyond all these money-making ways, don’t forget that securing your blog is also important. Your blog can generate income, all right. But if its security is at risk, there’s a possibility that you won’t even get your hands on that income, at all.

So don’t set it aside. While you’re working on your blog to make it produce income, make sure you protect it so all your hard work won’t be in vain.

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