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How to Upgrade Your Website to Turn Visitors Into Potential Customers

You might think getting visitors to your new website or your recently upgraded website is a big achievement. These are just leads, and valuable too, because they have a higher chance of turning into conversions and potentially long term loyal customers.

Tips for Upgrading Your Website


Your website designer has done an excellent job as well as your marketing team and everyone is flocking over to your website so they can browse your products.

Something to think about: If they don’t make a purchase, it doesn’t mean they will not return another time, but what this tells us is that they were not engaged long enough, or convinced to take action and make a purchase.

This means you need website strategies that help you change your leads to customers the first time they engage with your site. Also, using remarketing tactics will encourage your customers to keep returning to your website for more opportunities for conversion.

Here are some excellent methods for converting visitors into potential customers.

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Everyone has access to the internet on their mobile phones. People prefer using the internet on their mobile phones because it is easier than using a laptop or computer.

Making your website mobile friendly can encourage visitors to visit your website regularly. It saves them a lot of time from accessing your website on their laptop.

Technology is a big part of our lives and online businesses must use it to promote their products. Developing an app is a great option as well, for customers to download and use frequently.

Staying connected to your visitors through a mobile can make them convert as your regular customers.


This is one way to prove that people use a product and are satisfied with it. They give their feedback on how a product made their lives easier.

This way, when a visitor skims through a website, they can go through the testimonials to help them come up with the decision of whether they should purchase the product or not. This can make a positive impact on a business and customer conversion.



Remarket Your Product

Sometimes you may just have to spend a little more cash when it comes to converting site visitors into buyers. It helps if you invest into paid ads which may make your non paid marketing efforts more effective.

An ad meant for remarketing that you display for customers is one that appears on their feed or browsing feed after they visit your website, you can make it more effective by showing them the only products they seemed interested in. This way you remind them that they need to buy your product. It ignites the same feeling they had when they were first interested in your product.

Use an Exit Intent Popup

When a visitor leaves your site, an exit pop up shows up on their screen. This is the time when you reveal interesting content that makes your visitor want to stay back and browse some more, increasing the chances of this lead turning into a sale.

You have the freedom to design this popup as you prefer and are free to test this as well with a variety of elements. Remember that even here you must offer your potential customers an incentive to engage in conversation with you.

Create an Effective Landing Page

Landing Pages


A landing page is the main page of a website. This is the first page visitors go to, which is why it should be neat, impressive, and engaging. Too much design can put off visitors and leave a bad impression. Hiring a Web Design Company that also provides SEO Services would be ideal if you opt for paid ads.

Landing Pages Must Have


The business’s logo must be included on the landing page. A logo identifies a brand and its’ design and colors are related to the theme of a business.


A website without images is boring and dull. Including images of a product would give an idea to visitors of how a product that business sells looks like. For example, an online fashion boutique has many pictures of clothing items they sell. This helps customers make a decision of purchasing a clothing item.


This is essential for a landing page. Without design the website would be dull. Adding exciting designs to your website affects visitor’s mood and your website bounce rate.

Color Theme

The color theme should be according to the business style. This is because colors represent a company brand. For example, red and yellow represent McDonalds, so adding blue or any other color to their website would be odd.


This is important since it’s a way of communicating with visitors. It can make or break your business, which is why the message should be clear and encourage visitors to browse through all the pages of a website.

An attractive website gives the impression to visitors that the business is serious and wants to give the best service to their customers.

Test Your Website

Before taking the final step, test your website! Make sure every page runs successfully and fix all the mistakes.

Go through your website and think from a visitor’s perspective, would you be convinced in buying a product from the website? Is the website impressive enough to make you a regular customer? Is the message clear about the business?

If the answer to all of the questions is yes, and if all the page’s work perfectly without any mistakes, then you are ready to show the website to the world!

A website is essential for all businesses especially in today’s marketing world. It is the best way to promote your business and spread awareness to people.

A website can add more details and information about a business, which is another reason for your visitors to turn into potential customers. Many businesses opt to run through social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram etc., but having a polished website is the foundation for all Internet Marketing success!

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