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Best Parental Control Softwares for PC (Top 5)

Free Parental Control Software: We all know the merit and demerits of Internet, however, in these days it has become one the major part of once livelihood. Is in it? But did you ever mind of your kids online doings? Hope so “Big Yes” and sometimes may be “Big No”. Since, Adult can avail too many benefits from internet, but for sometimes it is the best practice to keep away your kids from it. No issues, today we here at our Tech Blog will be discussing about the Top Parental Control Software – Let’s get started.

Best Free Parental Control Software

So, to keep your children’s far away from web’s dark comers? By using the below mentioned software’s It is very simple to accomplish the task. If you are really worried over what in point of fact your kids are doing on internet sites, so here the some of the best and truly rated tools for parents who wish to get control over their kids.

Parental Internet Control Software

The below mentioned software’s are available for free of cost and it is powerful and can protect you with a single click – Without wasting much time

Learn – About Parental Control Softwares

Norton Family

The beauty of this parental internet control software is by using this – you are capable of organizing the program individually for each kid, provided that they have their personal account on your PC.

  • Norton Family is a dominant parental control system with a lot of very functional characteristics.
  • You can also set the times at what time your kids are sanctioned to make use of the computer, and block right of entry to websites by type or by URL’s.

DNS Angel

DNS Angel Parental Control Software

DNS Angel

If you wish to block all p**n websites, just open DNS Angel, and click “MetaCert DNS” -over. At any time you try to p**n websites from your computer, by using any browser, the best thing about DNS Angel is first it will send request to the MetaCert DNS server, checks weather the particular website is allowed as per user guidance and then it will be blocked.

  • If you wish to undo your changes, just click on Restore DNS to repair your last network settings.

Bit Defender Parental Control Free

It is really a very hard task to block all websites for your kids, since as they can frequently dig up online from handsets which you cannot at all be in charge of.

Bit Defender Parental Control

Bit Defender Parental Control

It is also available for Android Users, where you can simply monitor your kid’s manners to observe closely what they’re doing, here’s the link for Bit defender Parental Control Free.

KuruPira Web Filter

Irrespective of age limit KuruPura works well towards blocking the restricted for your beloved kids, the best parental control functions you require is KuruPira Web Filter.

  • The beauty of this software is – it can able to block sites, prevents kids from not texting or visiting social websites.
  • You can allocate them like – when to go online
  • It captures screen shots regularly about your kid’s activity.

Windows Live Family Safety

Windows Live Family Safety

Windows Live Family Safety

Family Safety is a big contribution and gift from SmartPhone maker – Microsoft. As like above mentioned software, you can also organize every child’s personal account.


  • Can block websites, can choose when they can and can’t use the Computer or Laptop.
  • Windows 8 comes with Family Safety Features, which is for Free of cost.

Spyrix Free Key Logger

It is similar tool as KuruPira Web Filter. very soon you will recognize the commercial program that gets blocked using this tool and also informs you about your kids activities very frequently. Without wasting much time start download and install the Spyrix Free Key logger  software.

Wrapping Up

We highly recommend you to make use of the above mentioned Parental Control Softwares, if you still have any queries or any additional points to be included into this pc parental control software article, do let us know through comment.

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