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AidaForm – A Must Have Tool for Budding SaaS Startups

Maintaining all the data of your business, along with carrying out analysis, holding quizzes and surveys, and converting feedback into understandable statistics, can be quite a gruesome task.

The technical difficulties concerning managing different softwares to carry out these tasks or learning new ways to carry out tasks through computers to reduce paper wastage can be demanding.

 AidaForm Online Form Creator

But AidaForm, an online service that provides a full, all-inclusive form making service to carry out online forms, share them, gather feedback, evaluate it, and use it as required.

Their online website has an abundance of services to choose from, covering Feedback Surveys, Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions, Donation Forms, Order templates, Qualitative vs. Quantitative Research, and much more.

Why AidaForm?

AidaForm comes with a virtually unlimited collection of forms covering all fields like literary form, business forms, recreations forms, statistics form, and other vast areas requiring evaluation.

Not only does it come with easily made templates that you can customize and style to your heart’s content, but it also features traditional and conventional styles for old-school forms.

 AidaForm Online Form

It redefines the usual form filling tasks by bringing them online and making it much easier to record results, and also provides audio and video formats. Their expertise ranges from landing pages, custom domains, and even order form templates that fit your business in just the right way.


The website features a number of services that include using templates, creating forms, publishing, and embedding them. As the forms are used in your website, and the results are collected in the form of applications, forms, quizzes, surveys, or orders are collected using order templates.

You can quickly evaluate the results and use it for lead generation, business insights, evaluation of strategies and techniques, and carry out a further detailed analysis.

Blogs can gather knowledge about their audience. Business websites can gather customer insights. Schools can hold online tests from homes. Offices can see if their employees have a healthy work environment, and even more.

Question libraries, data analysis, Mobile surveys, supporting images, videos, and audios, and the ease of skipping logic codes make the website even better.

All this can be done using AidaForm forms and templates.

Forms and templates

There is virtually no end to how you can style and customize your forms according to your requirement. Still, AidaForm also provides specific form styles for selling, academic tests, application forms, order forms, customer surveys, and employee surveys.

You can choose from.

  • Payment Form – When finalizing an order.
  • Customer Feedback Form – To gather insight on what issues your customers might be facing.
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey – If your services are achieving the desired results.
  • Online Survey – For your business, service, or even for schools and colleges.
  • Online Job Application – To make Human Resources tasks a bit easier with easy-made online forms.
  • Evaluation Form – To get statistical results on all your latest techniques and strategies used.

The forms are easier made with AidaForm’s readily customizable templates.

  • Feedback Templates.
  • Application Forms.
  • Request Form Templates.
  • Thank you, page Templates.
  • Employment Application Templates.
  • Payment Templates.
  • Questionnaire Templates.
  • Instagram Bio Templates.

You can create surveys and gather their results with these templates in no time at all!

Services that matter

While all AidaForm services are quite phenomenal, a few services like the Job Application Template and Quiz Template are exceptionally noteworthy.

Job Application Template

Manually collecting CVs, going through them, and sorting out the ones that stand out is almost a thing of the past. Now, with AidaForm, you can do this all digitally, without errors, have softwares to read the CVs to pick out the ones that match the job description, and even collect the eSignatures of the applicants.

Job Application Template

This makes it simpler to collect the data on your chosen applicants and contact them without much fuss. You can choose from basic application forms, generic employment, or more customized forms to fit with your firm and the questions you need to ask.

You can edit the template, add fields, customize it to match your firm’s fonts and colors, and bag the right employees.

Quiz templates

AidaForm’s, ever-increasing quiz templates will leave you amazed considering the vast styles and templates that you can employ. You can make it fun and interactive for your readers if you want it for a blog or make it serious and humble for an online test that you want to hold for your students.

Quiz templates

And you can go for academic templates for tests and literary quizzes or choose fun templates like ‘Name the TV show’ for game quizzes and more. You can add more questions as required and choose designs that best suit your mood!

Embedding the forms

Creating the forms with AidaForm is easy, and so is embedding and sharing them. All you need to do is publish the quiz or form after you ultimately create your desired design. Now you can either.

  • Share the direct link in case of tests with your students, etc.
  • Or, embed it in your website from customer forms, order templates, landing pages, etc.

You can embed your forms in Websites, Websites, Wix Websites, or in any other website domain that you use.


  • Excellent performance and functionality.
  • Easy use and set up.
  • Versatile for all kind of forms.
  • Comes with lifetime deals.


  • limited options in some features like Email responses.


AidaForm comes in a Free plan, Lite plan, and Pro plan. The free plan provides unlimited forms and templates but allows to gather 100 responses only. The Lite plan is $7.5/month, enables video questions and video/audio answers plus a custom ‘Thank you’ page.

The Pro plan allows for logic jump, 5GB storage, custom domain support, and other exciting upcoming features!

Final thoughts

Presently, AidaForm is one of its kind services, and no other alternative service can replace it. With an unlimited supply of templates and forms, AidaForm can help you know your business from refreshed perspectives.

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