How Can I Apply For A Learner Permit In Ireland?

If you are a new driver, you need to get licensed before you can take your vehicle to the road without supervision. The licensing procedure assesses your driving competence and may include essential driving training in some countries.

In Ireland, the driving procedure starts with passing a theory test. A successful attempt at the Irish theory test will make you eligible to get a learner permit.

Here is the complete procedure to get the learner’s permit.

Driver's learner permit in Ireland

Book Your Irish Theory Test

You will commence your driving endeavor with a theory test. In Ireland, you can book this test by visiting the relevant page presented by RSA. You will need to select your vehicle category to proceed and the next step will be to choose the venue for the test. Note that you can also choose the language for taking the test which can be either Irish or English.

Next, the page will ask about your identity information. Acceptable identification proofs for booking this test and appearing for the appointment include your Public Service Card, passports, Irish Passports, National Identity Cards from EU/ EEA member states, and Irish travel documents.

After filling in this information, you will be required to make the payment. Once you have submitted the information, you will receive an email that confirms your appointment.

Prepare for the Irish Theory Test

This test assesses your understanding of road safety rules.  Before you attempt, please note that the depth of this test goes beyond general knowledge. So, your best bet for passing it is to study the material provided on the RSA website. Also, revise these concepts with the help of a trusted study partner.

Once you have learned the concepts, you should also take mock tests for the Irish theory test to assess your grip over the subject matter.

Attempt the Test

On the date of your theory test appointment, arrive early and prepared. It will ask 40 questions. Out of these, you need to correctly answer at least 35 to get passing marks. The test is timed and you have 45 minutes to take it. In other words, you have only a minute to attempt each question.

Once you have completed the test, you will immediately get the results. If you have passed the test, you will get a theory test certificate that’s a necessity for filling out the form for a learner’s permit.

Apply for the Learner’s Permit

A successful attempt at the theory test will earn you a pass certificate. Note that you just can’t start driving yet. Instead, you have to apply for a learner’s permit and wait for it to arrive before you take your car to the road.

You can apply for this permit either online or through an in-person visit to the NDLS center near you. Here are all the documents you need to apply for the learner’s permit online:

  • Public service card,
  • Proof of residence,
  • Theory test certificate,
  • Proof of normal residence,
  • Completed eyesight report,
  • Completed medical report, and
  • Completed application form for learner’s permit.
  • Along with these documents, you will also need to pay the required fee.
  • The same documents will be needed if you apply for a permit at any NDLS center.
  • After the center has received these documents, they will process the permit in five to eight days.

What is the Purpose of a Learner Permit in Ireland

This permit allows the holders to start practicing driving. Note that this permit only allows supervised driving. The holder needs to display L-plates on the back and front of their cars. If you are holding this license to drive a car in Ireland don’t drive on motorways.

You need supervision when you are driving on other roads. A person who has held a full Irish driving license for at least two years is qualified for providing this supervision.

This permit allows you to take your essential driving training (EDT). EDT is an essential training that needs you to complete 12 lessons of driving instruction. You need to keep a log of these lessons.

Other than EDT, you should also be practicing driving under supervision to become a better driver.

Rules of Using Your Irish Learning Permit

Note that a learning permit is different from a full driving license. It doesn’t allow you to drive a vehicle without supervision. Other than the restriction of independent driving, here are all the rules you must follow:

You need to only drive the vehicle for which you have acquired the learner permit. You cannot drive a moped or motorcycle if your license is for cars.

The permit prohibits you from carrying any passenger on your vehicle for reward.

Your vehicle cannot tow a trailer when you are driving it if you have passed the theory test in B, C1, D1, or D categories.

You are prohibited from carrying passengers if your permit is from A1, A2, and AM categories.

In case, your permit is work-related, you are only allowed to carry a passenger if your vehicle has space for one and if the passenger holds a driving license with experience of at least two years.

In the end, make sure to be included in the car’s insurance plan that you will be driving.

What are Your Next Steps

Once you have acquired a learner’s permit, you need to complete EDT and apply for the driving test after holding the permit for six months, at least. Note that a learner’s permit remains viable for two years. If you don’t sit and pass a driving test in this period, you need to re-take your test to start the process.

Passing a driving test will make you eligible for a full driving license.

Take Away

A learner’s permit launches your practical driving career. In Ireland, you can only bring your car to the roads when you have passed the theory test and applied for and received a learner’s permit. Note that a learner’s permit is not a full license and you must display L-plates on your car while holding it.

Yet, this license allows you to complete your EDT under the supervision of an approved driving instructor. After completing the EDT and the minimum period of six months learner drivers can book a driving test.

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