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If you are starting off a new business or you already have a local business and you want to expand it online, a website is the best way to go. It allows you to cover huge markets and to attract more clients and customers than ever.

Benefits of WordPress Over Traditional Websites

Benefits of WordPress Over Traditional Websites

There are a number of ways to create your very own website. You can either choose HTML, CSS etc or you can go for WordPress. WordPress has many clear advantages over other means of website creation. And maybe that is the reason that over 33.5% websites out there Use WordPress as their CMS.

Here we are going to show you why WordPress is the best tool for creating and managing your business as compared to traditional websites creating platforms.

1. It is highly cost effective

With HTML and CSS, you are going to have to spend a lot of money before you can start earning something for yourself. If you choose to build your platform with traditional means, you are going to have to learn coding, and I mean a lot of coding, which is a real hard work.

It’s true that you can also hire some freelance programmes or even a team of skilled website developers to set up your site but that is going to cost you so much money and hence its unwise specially for a small business to go down that road. With WordPress however, you only need to spend money on buying a domain name and hosting, that’s it. This saves you a fortune and also the trouble of finding a tech team to help you start your platform.

2. Easy to Install and Run

Unlike HTML and similar tools, WordPress is very easy to set up in your computer. You don’t need any extra computer skills or programming knowledge at all. With just a few guided clicks you can install this tool. You only need to analyse the tool on your own and after looking at its features for some time you are good to go.

How to detect A WordPress website theme or plugins?

Nowadays detecting any WordPress websites themes or pulgins is easy as child’s play. The different WordPress tools like WP website theme detector to findout which theme is used by the website.

You can reverse engineering using the WordPress plugins detector to detect your competitors theme, plugins and much more information.

This way WordPress saves so much of your time and energy. The layout of this tool is quite interactive. This allows you to find what you are looking for quite quickly and with great ease. Thus, we urge you to make WordPress your CMS and enjoy its countless features for free.

3. SEO Benefits

Having a site for your products and services is not enough. You also need to know how to rank your website and make it appear sooner in the search engine. Now if you want to do that using traditional tools then I’m afraid you are going to need outside help and even with that the chances are very slim that search engines will recognise it.

It has been seen that sites that are created on WordPress are usually preferred by search engines. You can see options like meta key words that help index your page and attract huge traffic to your site. Website ranking is essential for a successful online business and there isn’t a better way to achieve that except creating your platform on WordPress.

4. Easy Customising and Editing

The platforms created using WordPress are highly customizable. This tool allows you to make quick changes and adjustments to your site with great ease. Unlike WordPress other traditional tools like HTML or CSS are very difficult in terms of sit editing. The platforms created using these tools are statistic and invariant.

You need huge coding help to make even the slightest changes or to make the simplest edits on your website. However, with WordPress you can add and remove content from your site anytime you like. This feature is quite helpful if you need to add the latest arrivals in your products or you have to announce some promotions relating to your services.

5. Better Security of your Website

WordPress is committed to make your platforms secure from hackers and malware attacks. It offers regular updates to make the core programming safer and more effective. You don’t need any help from a third person to change your security settings manually every time you face issues in this aspect.

On WordPress dashboard you can easily find out which plugins need an update and by just a simple click you can make your site secure. There are also various security plugins available on this tool which you can use to add additional security features to your platform. So, it is better to create your site on WordPress if you are a more security conscious individual or a business.

6. Interaction with Mobile Devices

You will be amazed to know that most WordPress created sites work well even on the Smartphone devices. On the opposite side, if you create your site using traditional coding tools, they are not that dynamic, and the site created on these tools will not run as efficiently on the mobile device as you want it to.

This unique feature of WordPress is the reason most corporate businesses choose this tool to set up their sites. The reason is the ease it gives its users to access the content of your platform at any time and place on just the palm of their hands.

7. Theme Demo options

WordPress comes with literally thousands of themes and plugins. You can literally choose any themes you want for your site without any hesitation. On other tools however, you don’t have this freedom. Because for each theme the coding is different and to alter the theme you need to spend ridiculous amount of time and effort.

In WordPress, you can even view the demos of the themes you are considering for your website. This allows you to have a perspective on how your website a going to look with that particular theme. This way you can choose the best and most suitable theme which compliments your product and services.

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