Fossil Island OSRS Guide

A members-only site, the Fossil Island is arranged north-east of Morytania, presenting an interesting climate where players can procure an assortment of abilities.

It is a notable, strange island that the Varrock Museum is as of now investigating. Seven extra more modest islands surround the actual island, albeit the archipelago map of Skeka in the House on the Hill’s basement uncovers thirteen extra islands encompassing Fossil Island.

Fossil Island OSRS Guide

Lithkren, during and after the chase for the Dragon Slayer II, is the lone island among the archipelago that the player can really reach.

Players, more likely than not, must have finished the Bone Voyage journey to arrive at the island, which requires at least around 100 kudos. The most straightforward and quickest approach to make a trip to Fossil Island is by utilizing a digsite pendant to transport the individual close to the area of the Digsite barge.

Here, they can enter the flatboat by conversing with the canal boat guard. Then, at that point subsequently the lead pilot, and in the end the junior navigator.

Tips to reach the Fossil Island

Each and every major part of the game is looking for strategies to get to the most expected area of OSRS, fossil island. The most helpful and utilized strategy is to utilize the digsite pendant can likewise be utilized inside the House on the Hill, north side of the Museum Camp on the weirdest southern machine which will actuate an alternative on the pendant and empower the player to transport to the House.

There is likewise a Magic Mush tree inside this house which actuates the Mycelium Transportation System. This Magic Mush trees framework permits player transportation across Fossil Island; however, they should be found to get to them by first going to their areas and attempting to utilize them.

In the event that you don’t have a digsite pendant with you, utilizing the Glider transportation framework alongside the Spirit Tree transportation framework is another speedy and simple approach to get to the fossil island. To transport to the Tree Gnome Stronghold, utilize the soul tree in the Grand Exchange from Varrock.

Move up the tree from that point and afterward utilize the Glider to ‘ Lemanto Andra, ‘ portrayed on the popup map as a palace. Doing as such will get you closer to the digsite and the boat that will take you to the island of Fossil. All things considered, utilize a Ring of dueling to transport to the Duel Arena and afterward apply the dwarf lightweight plane toward the west of Al Kharid’s pearl broker.

What to do on the fossil island?

Museum Camp

The player will be only west of the Museum Camp after showing up on Fossil Island. The camp won’t be extremely valuable from the outset anyways players can utilize their Construction ability and other certain materials to set up enhancements inside the camp.

It takes a sledge to fabricate the utilities. You should get one from the corner shop in the event that you have neglected to carry the hammer along with you.

Following are a bunch of things that the player will need to assemble everything: A sum of 10 oak boards, 25 nails, 1 tinderbox, 2 iron bars, 2 logs, 1 can, 2 ropes, 3 delicate clay, and 5 boards. The total rundown of things that the player needs to fabricate can be found on the Osrs wiki.

Players might utilize Fossil Storage to hold any fossils that might be found while they are on the island. There are likewise additional capacity holders scattered all around the island too and another is in the basement of the Varrock Museum.

Mushroom Forest

The island’s northwest segment is known as the Mushroom Forest. There are various exercises here that empower players to prepare a wide scope of abilities.

Antiquated Zygomites can be killed by the player as a part of the Zygomite slayer task, monitor herbivores present in the Forest, plant mahogany, and teak trees in the south-east corner of the three tree fixes, and afterward, calcify fossils with the assistance of the mycelium pool.

OSRS Fossil Island Wyverns

Moreover, under a secret entrance in the Mushroom Mountains is the place where the Wyvern Cave can be found. Just if players have been apportioned to Fossil Island Wyverns as a slayer assignment can the Wyverns inside be killed.

Tar Swamp

The island’s southwest part has a huge marsh. Notwithstanding a hub to hack down thick plants, going through the swamp needs a rake to eliminate plants. All through the timberland, sulliuscep mushrooms can be gathered, anyway, just one can be chopped down. You also have to compel clients to explore the hazardous marsh while keeping away from vicious Tar beasts to at long last find the choppable sulliuscep.

The Deranged paleontologist, who battles comparably to the Crazy excavator dwelling in the remains of the Wilderness, can be found by the major parts in the southern finish of the bog. He’s substantially more forceful, be that as it may, in light of the fact that his unique assault can arrive at more than 70.

Spring of Volcano

The spring of the volcano can for sure be situated on the island’s southeast side. You can discover a lot of debris heaps here, along with the Volcanic Mine.


Under the waters of Fossil Island, there is a wide submerged zone that can be reached using the skiff at the north-eastern corner of the Mushroom Forest – making venture by paddle boat to the ocean. This takes the player to a minuscule island that has a bank chest where they can then either go back or right snap on the dinghy to arrive at the submerged zone.

A little bar showing the oxygen level of the player will show up at the upper left of the game screen as they enter the region, dissimilar to other submerged regions all through the game.

The bar will be depleting continually while the player is as yet submerged – players should sink and return on a superficial level in the event that it runs out. When getting pufferfish, you can top off your oxygen and lift it by devouring the pufferfish.

Regardless, if the player is furnished with a fishbowl protective cap and jumping gear, the oxygen level will stay at 100%. When lowered, the head protector and mechanical assembly can be eliminated securely and prepared once more, and if your oxygen level has reached under 100%, it will top off slowly once the two things have been re-prepared.

House on the Hill

Arranged on the island’s north-east side, you will go to the House on the Hill by climbing a slope on the Mushroom Forest’s southern end. There are a few weird gadgets inside the House on the Hill, one of which can captivate a digsite pendant to empower players to transport directly to the House.

Also, one of the four Magic Mushtrees accessible on the island can be found here, giving quick admittance to a few different pieces of the island by means of teleportation through the digsite pendant here, then, at that point using the magic mushtree to travel.

There are many stone chests with a search option in the House’s basement which is open through a hidden entrance in the southeast corner. Glancing through the stone chest will require a numulite.

The chest will give the hunt choice to embed 100 numulites into the opening after the numulite has been embedded. The chests have a likelihood to sit idle, do harm or give one of the various notes. You might add the notes to the Fossil Island note pad of the player. A heap of books can be looked through which is behind the stepping stool, to get an ancient journal.

Small scale Task List

Just external the Museum Camp’s Fossil Island General Store is a notification board that rundowns down the stuff to do on Fossil Island. These are essential little undertakings intended to acquaint the player with the island’s various substances. The rundown is separated into four sections: the Museum Camp, the Southern Swamps, the Northern Reaches, and the Mountainous East.

Players who completed a piece of the rundown might address Peter for a prize, who can be seen panning southwest of the notice board. Players will get 10 unidentified small fossils (5 for each segment) in the event that they complete the Museum Camp and Northern Reaches rundown and add 10 unidentified medium fossils (5 for every part) toward the Southern Swamps and Mountainous East rundown.

Museum Camp

Upon the finish of its arrangement of assignment list, players can get 5 unidentified little fossils through addressing Peter.

Northern Reaches

Upon the finish of its arrangement of assignment list, players can get 5 unidentified little fossils through addressing Peter.

Southern Swamps

Upon the finishing of its arrangement of undertaking list, players can get 5 unidentified medium fossils through addressing Peter.

Mountainous East

Upon the fulfillment of its arrangement of assignment list, players can get 5 unidentified medium fossils through addressing Peter.

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