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Four Industry Specific Domains To Make Your Website Stand Out

In the world of online marketing, keeping your brand unique and dynamic can often prove extremely difficult. With an overload of information and many competitors pulling for the user’s attention, wouldn’t it be next to impossible to have a leg up against other sites marketing in your field? Surprisingly, not really.

Four Industry Specific Domains

In today’s market, the purchasing of industry-specific domains is widely available, as well as growing rapidly. I mean, how convenient is it for your domain to not only communicate your brand but also the industry you’re operating in?

Going even further, industry-specific domains establish a level of credibility to your website, since these domains tend to be vetted thoroughly to ensure reputation.

That being said, below are four popular, industry-specific domains to really give your website that “WOW” factor. So let’s jump right in.

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1] .AERO

While this domain isn’t commonly used by the public, entities such as pilots, airports, plane-spotters, aerospace and airplane manufacturers, businesses and enthusiasts can easily use this domain to “fly” within this industry. This domain is not only credible, but it is also highly targeted.

Imagine as a user, you come across a website with the ‘.aero’ extension. This affiliation immediately informs you that this website is reputable within the industry, which makes you, the user, feel at ease when browsing the site. Also, it bolsters any marketing plan since their identity is right there in the domain.

In order to purchase a .aero domain, you’ll need to purchase one from an accredited .aero domain registrar, like 101domain.

2] .BANK

Next on the list, we have the ‘.bank’ extension. Obviously, this domain is used by banks and those affiliated with such line of work. The most important factor when it comes to domains containing this extension, especially in the eyes of the user, is trust.

After all, the website that handles their financial business has access to their personal information and account passwords. Thankfully, all websites with this domain go through an extremely intense vetting process, as well as a verification process by other members of the global banking community, ensuring that anyone with this domain is not only secure but reputable and trustworthy, too.

3] .LAW

Moving on, we come to the ‘.law’ domain. Similar to that of the ‘.bank’ domain, users with this extension are strictly involved in the field of law, justice, prosecution, etc. While restrictions are usually viewed as bad, the one that this domain possesses is extremely beneficial.

Only specific people and groups are able to obtain this domain, and those individuals are required to have a positive reputation before being able to purchase it. Additionally, this domain gives credibility to any practice or firm, since it is transparent with what it does from the very beginning.

This trust and security is exactly the kind of thing that those looking for legal aid search for, especially when the search could be occurring at a time of uncertainty and tension. What they need most is clarity, which is exactly what your website will be giving with this industry-specific domain.


Lastly, we have the ‘.insurance’ domain. With this domain, as well as the others, security and verification is of the utmost priority. Also, for many users, dealing with the topic of insurance often sends a shiver up their spine.

With this domain, your users automatically know what you’re about, as well as understand that you have a strong reputation since this extension is a very exclusive and a difficult one to attain.

I mean, with scammers and phishers running rampant in this field, it would finally be nice to have a website that not only gets to the point quickly but puts the user’s mind at rest by just glancing at the domain.

Overall, it seems relatively obvious that industry-specific domains have benefits that no other domain could give. I mean, whether your specialty is in aerospace engineering or law, no business will ever regret giving their user a quick and easy understanding of what field their skills are in.

If you put yourself in the user’s shoes, it isn’t difficult to see why so many organizations are beginning to make this switch from common and generic domains to industry-specific and niche domain.

With so much information and marketing taking place on the internet, the title of who you are in the online sphere is something that needs to be quick and compelling, and both of those qualifications are met with industry-specific domains.

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