Top Tech Skills In Demand In 2019

Strengthening your tech skills and making sure you are updated. As far as technological innovation and advancement in process around the world, is essential if you want to rank higher in organizational hierarchy. Also, it is one of the ways you can quench your thirst for learning and make that count by proving your mettle at work.

Tech Skills In Demand


Research suggests there are around 50, 000 skills a human being can learn. But the point is it is up to you as to which ones of those 50,000 you decide to learn in order to become a professional and proficient member of a given workforce. The good part is you don’t have to attend a school or college anymore to add to your skill set.

There are hundreds of websites you can browse through to identify highly effectual online tutorials in varied fields of interest. All you need is an internet connection as good as the one that comes included in Spectrum offers. Here are a few tech skills you can contemplate upon and choose from this year.

1] Machine Learning

Machine learning is one of the most innovative and exciting fields one can explore and utilize professionally to move ahead of competition in future. It is also one of the most profitable skills that one can gain knowledge of in the contemporary world.

There are tons of advantages of this futuristic technology currently at display in products such as Siri, Alexa, Chatbots, and self-driven cars besides the field of predictive analysis and other related technologies.

Many people have taken up online courses on machine learning and launched their career at just the right time – because the demand for machine learning is definitely on the rise.

New trends show more than 60 percent of organizations tend to agree that machine learning and AI are amidst the top data initiatives this year.

Industries like healthcare, finance, education and many others can put machine learning to use given the endless possibilities associated with this technology.

Average Salary of Machine Learning Engineers: $143,000+ per annum.

2] Mobile App Development

Recently, it was estimated there are more than 2.5 billion smartphone users across the world. This means companies which want to stay in the game will need more than just websites for their branding and to offer more convenience to their target audience. And here is where mobile apps come into play.

If you are someone who has skills in the field of mobile application development you can land benefits that can only be imagined. If you can build apps for others, you can certainly build and sell your own mobile applications too. Mobile application development is an ideal road for you to become an aspiring entrepreneur in the industry.

Also, you can move further into future with this skill and indulge in building an app that integrates Augmented Reality. You can create applications like Pokemon Go and others which have the potential to engage the audience simply because they present a great blend of technology and our physical reality.

Average Salary of Mobile Application Developers:  $75,000-$101,000 per annum.

3] SEO/SEM Marketing

Employers today are looking for individuals who have digital marketing skills given how very helpful this is for their enhanced online presence and the overall visibility of their company.

This skill set is in demand for obvious reasons i.e. companies and brands these days look for more traffic on their websites which leads to a higher number of conversions & customers and more revenue too. If you are someone who is data-minded, SEO and SEM can prove to be a great fit for you.

The role involves constant testing, measuring and experimenting in order to determine what works and how based on these observations KPIs and metrics must be changed and strategies modified.

Digital marketing is one of the skills that can benefit you if you want to start your business in the future. Your SEO skills will give you significant leverage if you want to market yourself, find more clients who want to benefit from your knowledge, start up a technology-related or personal blog or build up a brand of your own.

Average Salary Of SEO/SEM Managers: $60,000+ per annum.

4] Data Visualization

Data visualization helps people understand the importance of data by placing it in a visual context. This includes using spreadsheets and/or reports and converting them into charts and/or graphs.

Such visual conversions of otherwise daunting data make things more appealing for laymen and comprehensive for users who are keen about determining as to what a particular data set represents.

Making a career out of data visualization can help individuals create a bridge between technical and non-technical roles. As a professional in the field of data visualization you will be taking data collected by different analysts and transform it into a commonly understood form.

Average salary for Data Visualization Engineers: $98,000+ per annum.

5] Data Engineering

This is a little different from data sciences. It is something that enables the field of data science to exist in the first place. Data engineers are trained to build the infrastructure and tools used by data scientists to conduct their research.

According to a recent study, the requirement for data engineers has increased drastically in America. In some ways, data engineering is more closely related to software engineering than to other data-related roles.

Average salary of Data Engineers: $90,800+ per year.

Learning a tech skill today is quite easy and more cost-effective than it was for people who wanted to acquire such skill sets a decade ago. Today we have different online portals that allow users to gain such knowledge and attract more opportunities to enhance career growth.

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