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6 Ways Screenshots Can Help You With Daily Activities

You must have heard about the terms, ‘screenshot’ or ‘screen capture’ which means having a digital copy of matter exactly the way it is on your device screen, with each word and each pixel in place.

These are better communicators when compared to texts and are extremely helpful if used in the right way. In case you are still wondering how could screenshots serve multiple purposes, here are 6 ways out of the many.

Screenshots Can Help

P.S: if you are still relying on Wayback machine, it’s time to drop the idea. There are many Wayback machine alternative tools like Stillio who can actually get you the valuable data.

1] Keep an eye on your competitors

If your competitor has been meddling around a lot with his marketing campaign and you feel that there is something up their sleeve, you can take a screen capture of all the promotions to identify the loopholes in their campaign and later leverage it for your own benefit.

They will help you to keep an eye on their moves and a series of captures can let you analyze and predict what’s coming next. You can definitely stay ahead of them now.

2] Check specific discounts/offers run by your rivals

When you feel that your opponents are entering the intensive rivalry zone and you need to keep a check on all their moves, especially their customer stealing discounts, look up to screenshots and you’ll find a way.

Keep a screenshot of all the offers that they are currently running or have run in the past and wrack your brains to find where you can surpass them. A little help from a digital tool and you rule.

3] Save websites you can refer to later

When you’re working on something and come across a website or content which might be of help later, what do you do? No, you don’t copy and paste it into your device, but be smarter and take a screen capture or screenshot.

It helps you to capture not only the matter but also the link or URL to the website which could again be useful later. The site has found its place in your device within the screen capture and you can revisit it whenever you want.

4] Collect Legal evidence

When you fall into a legal hassle, getting proof for your innocence becomes a huge deal. So how do you keep everything ready for the worst days? Screenshots are your answer.

When something unjustified takes place, say some work of yours has been copied without copyright, you can capture this and present it as proof, it is safe because the evidence can’t be tampered with or be removed later. One screenshot and the case is yours.

Screenshots Can Help You

5] Keep an eye on organic ranks

Continuously monitoring SEO ranking to improve with your optimization strategy can be a monotonous task, but here is how you can make it better.

Use screenshot tools that will automatically monitor your rankings without you having to spend every minute on it. They will keep a track of your organic ranks with regard to the keywords used giving you the leisure to focus only on the improvisation of your future plans.

6] Report an error message to IT

If you ever face error in any of your systems or applications, you always resort to the report or contact panel, don’t you? Then you write a whole big description of the problem you are facing.

This makes it difficult for the IT team to even comprehend what is going wrong. Imagine how easier it would be for you if that message, (which is almost the size of the President’s address) could be replaced by one single screenshot! Convenient, isn’t it?

The screenshot will show them exactly what type of problem you’re having, and also all the small details which you’ve either missed or could not include in the sermon you would have to send otherwise. So be updated and use the smart way.

The world is becoming more intelligent every day, and you need to keep up with them in order to be one of them. It’s time for you to become sharper in your choices and ideas.

I have just shown you 6 ways how screenshots can save your day and believe me there is a list. If you think it is a lot of manual effort, there are several tools out there to render machine help! Manual or machine, you need to start taking screenshots, today!

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