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How to Improve Candidate Experience

Improving the candidate experience is the key to an improved recruitment experience. In fact, if you are looking for the best talent, checking out for an improved candidate experience should be a top priority.

As all of us are aware, the recruitment world as of now is very candidate driven, and thus it is no longer you picking up the right talent, but the right talent picking you.

What is the Candidate Experience?

Improve the Candidate Experience


The term Candidate Experience refers to the most important factors in the current scenario when it comes to your recruitment experience. It refers to the experience that candidates expect and gain from a recruitment process. It should ideally refer to the perception that a particular candidate has about the recruitment process to the concerned company.

Though it may appear to be so simple, it is quite complicated. It encompasses all the feelings and attitudes indicated and experienced by the candidates in a particular recruiting process.

If they tend to experience something negative about your company, you will end up finding a negative report about your company and its recruitment process.

How can improved candidate experience improve your performance?

A positive candidate experience can have an extremely important mark on your brand image. That should not mean you need to hire every candidate that approaches you. Whether they are hired or not, you should make an attempt to make sure that they have a positive experience with your firm.

The positive experience will make the candidate accept your job offer, apply for the future openings that you may have and more importantly recommend you to the other candidates who are seeking a job.

Here are a few tips that can be helpful in improving candidate experience.

1] Use an easy to use application process

Candidates spend enough time in applying for a job. If you make sure that the application process is simple and easy to follow, they will find it a better option to share their experience levels in a better way.  A complex application procedure can make it difficult for the candidate to continue with the application process.

One of the best techniques you can apply would be to opt for a good recruitment system like Greenhouse ATS system. This can be one of the best options to work with the passive applicants who are not sure whether they want to leave the job or not. This can help you avoid a lengthy application process and assist the candidates in applying with ease.

2] Don’t underestimate communication

Communication is the key in any type of relationship, and a recruitment process should not be an exception either. Improper communication or a total lack of it should be one of the reasons that can cause a high degree of frustration among the best talent.

Creating email campaigns can be one of the best options that can be helpful in this situation. That way you will be able to keep the candidates interested and engaged with your recruitment process. Try to nurture your candidates enough with a proper degree of communication.

3] The Interview and its format

A great interview would be the best step to improve the candidate experience. A bad interview can be one of the reasons why the candidate is not willing to join even when he or she is selected. A negative interview experience can extrapolate itself into a negative feeling about the entire organization.

On the contrary, a positive interview experience spreads a positive branding for your organization. Even when the candidate is not selected for the position, he or she will have a positive attitude about your organization.

Showing off your organization and offices can be one of the best experiences. Getting your leadership roles meeting with the candidates can be one of the best options as well

4] Ask for a Feedback

Feedback is what makes it an excellent option to improve the user experience. More than 90 per cent of the candidates looking for complete information with respect to the feedback on their interview.

Ask for a Feedback


The best strategy is to use an email to inform the candidate that they have not been selected, and choose not to go with the phone.

In any case, make sure that you are providing the right kind of feedback to the candidates in a prompt manner. If you take up the steps like the ones indicated above, you can definitely enjoy the best ever candidate experience.

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