Top 6 Best OnePlus 5T Accessories You Should Buy

There are several kinds of mobile accessories in the market these days. Accessorizing mobile phones with unique back covers and flip covers are on the trend.

Mobile phones nowadays cost a lot of money and cases are the perfect way to protect them from harm. There are hundreds of designs and unique patterns which can be found online. The unique accessories give a stylish look to your smartphone.

Best Accessories for the OnePlus 5T

Best OnePlus 5T Accessories

1] DailyObjects Blooming date case cover for oneplus 5T

The thin and light hard case made up of poly carbonate made for Oneplus 5T is highly smooth and has a seam-free surface which feels great in hand. The print quality on the case is incredibly photo-realistic with a lifetime guarantee on print.

The One plus 5T cover is impact resistant and gives a wonderful grip without making your phone bulky. This cover is one of the best cover designs available for Oneplus 5T, as it is very cheap along with being incredibly simple.

2] Olixar Ultra- Thin Clear case

The case is manufactured from a strong and durable material which provides a long protection along with a non-slip coating for better grip. The raised bezel on the Oneplus 5T cover by Olixar protects your smartphone screen from all kinds of scratches and dust.

The extra durable gel materials used gives it a good flexibility just like a silicone case but has an added toughness to protect your mobile phone. The slim fitting design makes it extremely light weight making you that there is no need of any extra space on your packet.

3] Olixar Oneplus 5T Tempered Glass Screen Protector

The Olixar Tempered Glass protector is created from a chemically reinforced glass with a hardness quotient of its maintaining the perfect clarity of image, alongside providing safety from all kinds of scratches and shock.

Best OnePlus 5T Accessories


The protector has an ultra-clear film with 95% light penetration ratio with just a thickness of 0.26mm. The anti-shatter film prevents the damage to your phone screen due to any impact. The tempered glass along with the One plus 5T cover, gives total protection to your phone screen as well as the body.

4] Onkyo X3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker and powerbank

The dual 44.5 mm drivers with an integrated power bank to charge your One plus 5T is perfect for your personal use. The drivers and radiators work in perfect coordination providing a brilliant and booming bass frequency in stunning details.

The paring process of the Bluetooth is very easy and takes less than few seconds before you are ready to go. It also has a built-in microphone for hands free call while you are working or your hands are engaged.

5] DailyObjects Prick Designer Pop holder

The DailyObjects pop holder is the best accessory for your One plus 5T. You can simply put it on your smartphone enjoy the extra functions. The designer pop holder helps the user to have a better grip, stand or even as a car mount.

Manufactured with an HD quality design print on a polycarbonate material, the pop holder is made for a single use 3M adhesive which can be stuck on One plus 5T cover and provides your hand a better grip either while clicking a selfie or watching a video.

6] Soundmagic E10 in- Ear headphones- gunmetal

The attractive earphone with stunning finish and a modern metal design is suitable for long duration of use. The award winning earphone by Soundmagic gives a loud sound with a powerful bass with incredible details. It has an extra feature of noise isolation to lessen the surrounding distractions.

It not only provides brilliant sound quality, but also comes with a stylish and comfortable design with earpieces which are interchangeable so that all kinds of users can fit it perfectly in their ears.

By the use of various accessories, you can increase the life of your smartphone by preventing it from all kinds of damage. The accessories also make the use of smartphone much easier.

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  • Harshil, Where I can buy these accessories in online? Also I’d like to share my thoughts of buying accessories for OnePlus 5T. I tried 3M mobile skins for my mobile and it looks good.

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