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6 Tips to Follow to Rid Your House of Creepy-Crawlies

Are you sighting cockroaches, rodents, or flying pests in your home? Or perhaps, you’re waking up itchy with rashes and need a bed bug control service?

A pest infestation like bed bugs is a nightmare for all homeowners and property owners. Spotting one pest doesn’t mean a singular intruder is visiting your house. Pests can multiply rapidly and hide in sneaky spots. So, it’s best to call in the experts to help maintain a pest-free household.

Ways to Get Rid of Common Household Bugs

Get Rid of Common Household Bugs

As it happens, pests and insects come in all shapes and forms, from flying cockroaches to bed bugs, spiders, and stinkbugs. When dealing with creepy crawlies, prevention is truly the best strategy. However, if the issue persists, you need a proactive approach to ridding your house of creepy crawlies.

Without further ado, let’s dive straight into the tips and tricks that will help you in this endeavor.

A Thorough Inspection

Pests, insects, and rodents thrive in the remotest, most inaccessible, and sneakiest of spots around your house. A thorough and detailed inspection is the first step to identifyig all hot spots and prime areas of pest infestation. It’s a challenging process, and you cannot take the DIY route, regardless of how dedicated you are to save money.

Remind yourself that fostering a pest infestation will trigger more expensive problems, and hire a professional pest removal professional. Skilled professionals bring various equipment and tools to inspect the drywall and insulation or rodent and pest nests.

Insulation provides the ideal breeding ground for pests and rodents to multiply in a warm and comfortable environment. In cases of severe infestations, homeowners have little choice but to undertake insulation removal to eliminate the growing pest population.

Homeowners dealing with rodents and insects should thoroughly inspect their attic insulation for nests and breeding grounds.

After eradicating the nests, be sure to undertake pest and rodent-proofing measures before reinstalling the insulation.

Fixing Leaks, Cracks & Foundational Damages

Bugs, insects, and other pests gravitate towards sneaky and hidden cracks to take shelter from the weather. They build their nests in the foundational cracks and crevices to enjoy a warm and cozy environment. Unfortunately, most homes get invaded by creepy crawlies after cracks and foundational damages start compromising the structure.

Naturally, correcting these damages can help you address the problem of pests and prevent it from reoccurring. In addition, seasonal inspections will help you fix all damages and eliminate any pests you see lingering around the cracks.

Most homeowners fail to connect plumbing leaks and roof damages with the insects crawling in their pantry. You see, roofing and plumbing leakages create a moist and damp environment.

This dampness allows various insects, termites, and other pests to thrive above the ground and multiply alarmingly. So, be sure to fix all leakages around the house to deny creepy crawlies the moisture they need to survive in your abode.

Eliminate all Debris

Is your storeroom, attic, or garage loaded with debris, woodpiles, or mulch to support your gardening endeavors? Junk is irresistible for creepy crawlies and tiny animals because they thrive in dark areas and damp environments.

Likewise, woodpiles, mulch, and soil offer the ideal setting for pests to grow and multiply. Even storing firewood in the attic or one of the rooms can encourage pests to invade your territory.

Be sure to remove all debris, woodpiles, and gardening supplies and keep them away from your home. Most homeowners build sheds at a safe distance from their homes to avoid the hassle of pests crawling around their living spaces. If you frequently use and store firewood and natural fertilizers, having a separate shed can make things amazingly easier.

Be sure to invest in a closed-top bin for your gardening essentials, fertilizers, and compost. Also, sealed garbage cans and containers will keep the indoor and outdoor environment free of creepy crawlies.

Clean out the Crawl Spaces

Are your crawl spaces clogged with old books, discarded leaflets and brochures, and crumply old newspapers? If yes, then a pest infestation shouldn’t surprise you at all.

You see, pests and rodents can’t differentiate between the warmth of old books and damp firewood. To them, it’s all the same, for it provides them the perfect environment to grow and multiply comfortably.

Crowded crawl spaces stuffed with old keepsakes are a thriving hot spot for pests and insects. Be sure to throw out all old boxes, scrap lumber, old newspapers, and discarded books.

Clean out the crawl spaces with strong cleaning products, and maintain adequate ventilation. If you’re having trouble ventilating these dark and damp spaces, engage a professional to find an efficient solution.

Sealing all Entry Points

Have you ever tried sealing the entry points to deny creepy crawlers a vantage point to invade your property? It may seem far-fetched, but with a dedicated strategy, this trick works like a charm. The idea is to seal all entry points around the house, from the envelope to the windows, doors, and ventilation flaps.

Inserting a mesh screening across doors, ventilation openings, and windows will prove highly effective. However, it’s also essential to cover all holes and damages in doors and windows. Unfortunately, homeowners fail to realize the significance of timely repairs and adequate caulking until their living spaces penetrate with insects.

Maintaining a Clean Property

Cleanliness is the most effective and straightforward strategy to keep your house free of all pests and insects. In contrast, dirty dishes, leftovers on the counter, and debris buildup in each room offer the perfect setting that attracts creepy crawlies.

Cleaning all surfaces, floors, nooks, and crannies around the house is essential to curb pest infestations. However, allowing grease to build up in the kitchen will lead to an uncontrollable infestation of cockroaches and grease-addicted insects. Be sure to clean all food residues and crumbs from surfaces across your house.

Don’t leave dirty dishes and leftovers lying around the kitchen. A messy home with food crumbs and debris lining every room is an irresistible buffet for pests and insects. In contrast, the pungent aroma of cleaning and pest control products will keep creepy crawlies at bay.


All homeowners have to build their pest elimination regimes based on their unique challenges with creepy crawlies.

Some experience infestations in the attic and basements, while others complain of rodents crawling in their kitchen and pantry. Ultimately, it all boils down to your cleaning regime.

Rodents, pests, and insects do not invade clean, decluttered, and hygienic spaces. Instead, they are attracted to food crumbs, debris, pungent odors, and damp environments.

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