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Amazing Phones You Can Buy Right Now Using Coupon Codes

The phones that are coming into the tech world are no doubt very smart, intelligent, and reliable. They come up with some of the best components that ensure a 4-5 year software update as well as future-proofing for the owners.

You can easily use these devices for straight 4-5 years without worrying about swapping them into a newer phone. Also, you can save some money while purchasing by using coupon codes on Wadav.

In this article, we will be listing down some of the best smartphones that are currently available in the market and you can secure a unit of them right now. The phones are as follows.

Amazing Phones

Apple iPhone 13 Pro

Coming on the very first on the list, Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro is an amazing phone for people who want a phone that will easily give them many years of future updates. This one is the right choice for the people who are in the market for a future-proofing phone.

iPhone 13 Pro comes with the latest Apple bionic chipset A15 that has stellar benchmarks on the tests. It performs really well on single cores and multiple cores. An individual would love this phone every day because the performance on this phone is on another level.

If we talk about the camera of this phone, it is another incredible thing about this phone because it has three huge cameras housed at the back of this phone. The sensors are pretty wide and they let light get inside and execute some of the best still images you can look at from a smartphone.

Moreover, the videos that this phone shoot is at 4K resolution. It is too crisp and fine that you will love it. Also, if you are looking for deals on this phone, check out our website.

Furthermore, for people who love phones with higher refresh rates, this smartphone will make you fall in love with it. The smooth scrolling on this phone will give you an incredible, flicker-free and fluid experience.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Second, on this list is the flagship that every person looks for at the starting of every year. Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra is the ultimate Android flagship phone that you need for you right now.

The huge display of LTPO AMOLED on this phone with a variable refresh rate gives you an incredible feeling of using it. Samsung’s One UI will make you fall in love with this phone and you will be stunned by how this phone performs.

What’s even more interesting about this phone is the camera setup that will let you take some of the most impeccable shots from a phone camera and shoot videos of 4K in a jiffy. You will be amazed by the outcome.

If you are a gamer, then you will be having a lot of fun because this phone is boasting the latest Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 which can easily give you higher framerates per second on every game you are playing on the smartphone.

Google Pixel 6 Pro

The third on the list is Google’s latest flagship phone that is boasting Google’s latest chipset, the Tensor chipset. Pixel 6 Pro is an amazing phone for people who want to do photography on the phone as well as those who want a stock Android OS experience on their phone. Many individuals don’t like the skinning on the Android OS, so they opt-in for the Google Pixel devices.

It has an overall better performance than its competitors and it gives you an incredible user experience as well as a user interface because it is solely made by Google. Many users who will opt-in for this phone will be getting 5-6 years of software support on this phone and they won’t be worrying about changing their device in the future.

OnePlus 10 Pro

The fourth contender on this list is OnePlus new latest flagship device, the OnePlus 10 Pro. It is an incredible phone that is made and engineering to compete with all of the other devices and outperform them in a jiffy.

Well, it really does that single-handedly. The phone has a sturdy build as well as it looks pretty amazing. The camera setup is on another level. It can let you shoot 4K videos at 60fps and take some crisp and detailed photos from it.

The chipset inside the phone is perfect and you can easily do gaming on this phone if you want to achieve higher FPS in every game. The 5G capabilities make your life easier because you will get higher speeds of uploading and downloading with no jitter and ping on this phone.

What’s interesting about this phone is that its battery is too good and better than most of the competitors. It can easily give you one day without worrying about the charge.

Final Thoughts

To sum this up, we have told you some of the best devices from top brands that you can buy right now. You can decide on the phone that is for you. The choice is on you now. Also, you can use coupon codes on our website during your purchasing time.

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