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What Do Black Hoodies Go With?

A hoodie started as a sportswear staple, but it’s turned into so much more. This ubiquitous garment has a long and complicated history, from the mean city streets and hip hop musicians to tech moguls and today’s athleisure fans.

One of the most popular hoodies is a black hoodie – a piece of clothing that’s very versatile and works for many life situations, from a day at the office to an afternoon at the gym.

So if you’re looking for some inspiration, keep reading as we explore the best ways to style your black hoodie.

Black Hoodies

A brief history 

The hoodie started as a university sports uniform introduced by the Champion brand and gained wider popularity in the 1930s. It was also worn by various laborers.

This garment helped athletes stay warm and dry even in bad weather, and soon this genius idea spread wide and far outside the campus. Everyone had to have one, from students and their girlfriends to skaters, hip hop musicians, and sub-culture youth.

And while it was everywhere, it was still associated mostly with leisure and sports. It took all the way until the 2010s for the hoodie to be seen as something that even successful business people could wear, thanks to Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. These men made hoodies their uniform, and many others have followed.

Today, there are endless styles of black hoodies, and as the dress codes have become more flexible, it’s up to you how and where to wear them. Need ideas? Keep reading.

Layers, layers

A fitted black hoodie looks good on its own, but you can also layer it to create many more different outfits.

Wear it with a denim jacket, a sports coat, or a blazer to add dimension and also to stay warm in changing weather. This look is great for all seasons, from winter to summer.

Choose your layering pieces depending on the dress code you’re going for. A denim jacket and cargo pants are a great casual look; a blazer and chinos will make an outfit perfect for work.

Embrace athleisure

Athleisure and street style are still going strong, and we think everyone should embrace these trends while they last.

Thanks to the amazing options available, your hoodie and jogger combination can look extremely stylish and work not only for the gym, but your weekend outings as well!

Choose a soft, heavy fabric, fitted style, and keep the monochrome black theme to look your best.

The bad boy look 

A way to go in a completely different direction is to style your black hoodie with a leather jacket. A black jacket and blue jeans are a great base, but feel free to experiment with different leather and denim colors.

We love brown suede for the jacket and black denim for trousers.

For the office 

Yes, you can wear your black hoodie with your chinos or other formal trousers, a blazer, and white lace-up sneakers or loafers instead of your Oxfords.

If your office is more laid back and doesn’t require blazers or sports coats, you can pair your hoodie with straight black denim trousers for more comfort.

We recommend sticking to the monochrome black pieces and avoiding any graphics or large logos to keep things professional. Skip oversized hoodies too.

A few dos and don’ts for any occasion

  • Forget graphic hoodies and big logos that look tacky and out of place.
  • Choose only high-quality hoodies like the ones from Fresh Clean Tees.Check them out here:
  • Don’t try to cram an oversized hoodie under your blazer; get a fitted one for that.
  • Leave university and “funny” hoodies to the students and kids.
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