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What Damages Can You Recover After A Car Accident?

Car accidents often involve one or more vehicles. This can cover vehicle-to-vehicle crashes, road rash accidents, and even collisions with the environment. When drivers and people survive these situations, some end up in a court of law.

It is a common myth that car accident feuds immediately end before entering the court.

If you happen to be involved in a car accident, this article will help you decide when to file a lawsuit.

Damages Can Recover After A Car Accident

Who should I approach if I want to file a Car Accident Lawsuit?

When car accidents happen, they can be caused by a variety of factors. Typical car accidents involve two vehicles colliding with each other. In some instances, car accidents also happen due to the negligence of drivers. Some examples that cause car accidents are also falling objects, slippery roads, or environmental hazards.

A car accident presents a serious situation to its victims. If you survive without an injury, we suggest you approach the best car accident lawyer in new jersey that will assist you in uncovering the whole situation. It is recommended to get the services of a car accident lawyer since they will help you analyze the events before the accident.

Many car accident survivors whether drivers or passengers end up in a court of law. When angry drivers meet even after a minor car accident, they often engage in the blame game.

This situation gets more serious when a driver, passenger, or groups of people experience physical harm. Most cases end up in court due to disagreements and personal feuds.

After a car accident, many individuals are confused about which action to take. We don’t necessarily recommend you to call your car accident lawyer after a car crash. You should head over to the nearest hospital and receive a check-up for physical injuries. Afterward, the best way to move forward is to call a car accident lawyer.

For many individuals, going to trial is a scary event. Many car accident problems indeed resolve themselves before heading to a court of law. Most people resolve these situations after some type of understanding is met by two parties. However, some people file lawsuits against each other when both parties disagree.

What can you Recover After a Car Accident?

Recovering damages is possible after experiencing a car accident. When it comes to automobile accidents, there are two types of damages which are economic and non-economic. Let us discuss both types of damages in detail in this section.

Economic Damages

Economic damages pertain to the losses of a victim which cover objects of value. These damages are also known as Economic Losses. Here are the types of Economic Damages.

Property Damage

In some situations, vehicles crash against an object, structure, or building owned by another person. Some car accidents also involve surrounding private properties. The owner of these properties has the right to file a lawsuit against the person at fault.

Loss of Income

Loss of Income or Lost Wages describes the event where a person cannot earn money after receiving physical harm because of a car accident. Being unable to work, the person is expected to recuperate.

Medical Expenses

Aside from the loss of income, any person or group of people involved in a car crash is liable to pay for the medical expenses of the car crash victims. Compensations for medical expenses are typical remedies both for personal injuries and car accident cases.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are the intangible damages that a victim experiences after a car crash accident. Although these damages cannot be recovered physically, the liable party may help the victim get through their ordeal. Here are examples of non-economic damages.

Emotional Distress

Emotional distress is a mix of negative emotions that any person experiences after a traumatic event. Some people surviving a car accident may be also prone to PTSD.


Some victims get disfigured after getting into a car crash. The liable faction may help car crash victims by paying for the medical expenses involved in surgical operations.

Loss of Consortium

Loss of Consortium pertains to the claim for damages that a spouse of a personal injury victim files in a court of law. It covers the loss of a spouse or if their lifelong partner experiences physical ramifications that can affect their marriage.


In the aftermath of a car accident, its survivors may file lawsuits against the liable party. Many car accident feuds end when an understanding between both parties is met. However, this is not the case for many people. We hope this article gives you information about the compensations a person might receive after a car accident.

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