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How to Use Basal Body Temperature to Determine Ovulation

Today, we’ll talk a little bit about how to track ovulation through basal body temperature. This might be one of the most popular ways to know when you are going to ovulate. There are also reasons for this.

Basal Body Temperature to Determine Ovulation

  • The first one is that it is very cheap and relatively easy to do as well. There are challenges while doing it but it also has benefits. Moreover, it’s really easy when you are tracking this temperature to be able to distinctly pinpoint the point of ovulation.
  • It also provides you with a complete overview of your ovulation that can also help you in the future.

Your basal body temperature is basically the temperature at which your body is at complete rest. For instance, when you are in the bed and initially wake up, the temperature of your body at that moment would be your basal body temperature.

The progesterone levels of women spike when they ovulate, and their temperature levels change, your BBT will definitely go up from one to one and a half degrees Fahrenheit or a quarter of half when calculated in Celsius.

You can use this method by comparing your temperature when it continues to stay raised at a point versus the temperature that it was before yet.

Thus, it becomes a relatively easy method to track your ovulation period. It just uses a basal body thermometer which is easily available at your local drugstore or any Walmart nearby.

But it would be better if you find a good thermometer for tracking your exact temperatures on a daily basis. You can also know more here about these thermometers in order to check out your basal body temperature.

Track your body temperature at the same time every day:

Measure Your Body Temperature

The first thing you need to do in the morning is to track your basal body temperature. It has to be checked at the same time each morning. So, if you work on a weird schedule, then it will definitely affect your BBT.

Many other things like getting up in midnight’s or moving around due to some reason will affect your temperature. Moreover, if you are sick, then it will affect your body temperature for sure.

Things like alcohol consumption or there are also many other things which can throw a monkey wrench into the plan. It’s very easy when you are looking at your day to day temperature in your cycle chart.

Basal body temperature gives you a picture of the cycle in a very quick review, but it does not give you a lot of basic required information.

Your basal body temperature basically does not tell you before your ovulation. It tells you after it. Some women might have a decrease in their temperature before they ovulate but not everyone does.

It is very easy to confirm the ovulation after following the whole routine. Moreover, it’s really inexpensive as you don’t have to buy any kind of products each month. So, it helps in a positive manner in fertility monitoring.

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