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Features and Cost Of Creating a Video Chat App Like Zoom

The COVID-19 pandemic had a huge impact on the modern world. Due to it, companies had to look for new communication solutions. As a result, the download rates of video calling apps like Zoom increased rapidly.

A well-thought and user-friendly application is a very prospective way to earn money in 2021. But the process of creating your own mobile app is quite tricky, so we want to give you some insight.

This article will be helpful if you’re going to develop a video conferencing app. We will tell you about the essential features and the cost of developing an app like Zoom.

Why is Zoom so popular?

Zoom is a leader among video conferencing apps on the market. Let’s have a closer look at the app and define the reasons for its vast popularity. Here are the top features this app offers.

Creating a Video Chat App Like Zoom

User number

A nearly unlimited number of users can join a video meeting simultaneously, 1000 people can participate in one meeting, and 10,000 in a webinar.

Conference quality

The developers paid much attention to this feature as the quality is the primary concern for video apps users. Users can have HD video or audio meetings. It significantly enhances the user experience with Zoom.

Recording option

This is a convenient feature for most users. Instead of taking notes, which is not so effective, you can record everything said during a meeting.

Besides these useful options, other features that make Zoom the best app in the market include.

  • Background
  • Notes
  • Sharing the screen
  • Contact synchronization
  • Polls
  • Virtual hand raising.

If you are still deciding how to build an android video chat app, pay attention to the features above and ask the software developers you hire to add them. But merely copying the basic elements of the Zoom platform is not an ideal plan. You need to add some extra highlights to your app.

8 Crucial features of a video conferencing app like Zoom

Apart from the basic functionality, we recommend adding a few advanced features. Here are the top-notch highlights to create a video chat app.

Automatic framing

With this feature, manual framing is unnecessary. The moderator doesn’t waste time adjusting the video of participants. The camera does it automatically, and the view looks good without any effort.

Focusing on the speaker

In real life, we pay the most attention to the speaker or lecturer. Their emotions and gestures are significant for understanding the topic. You can implement this feature in a video app.

The speaker image will be bigger, and everybody will be able to see their movements and gestures. It keeps the online audience engaged and focused.

Noise reduction

Different noises in the background disturb all the participants during a meeting. This feature will block all the unwanted sounds to allow hearing the speaker better.

This technology has an original quality that identifies whether it is a speaker talking. If the speaker isn’t found, it blocks the microphone automatically.

You can also employ the acoustic fence for the same aim. It creates a virtual border around the conference area. This technology guarantees that all the sounds outside the conversation are muted.


This feature is a must-have for educational or business meetings. When the speakers need to demonstrate the drawings to the other participants, the whiteboard lets you attach the already existing whiteboard using the browser or conference. The participants can also download the content with the main conference points.

High camera resolution

Nobody wants to see low-quality pictures during a meeting. The camera resolution should be 4K. Most developers have launched video chat apps that support this camera resolution for video meetings.


Optical and digital zooms are necessary for most video conferences. They allow the participants to see all objects during a meeting. If you want to make an app like Zoom, we recommend adding optical zoom, as it provides a higher video quality.

Data security

User data encryption is essential when building an app that requires sensitive data. Ensure the private information of your users is in reliable hands. End-to-end encryption is one of the most significant ways to achieve full data security.


Push notifications are the easiest way to inform about updates, scheduled meetings, missed messages, and calls. Involving this feature is a complicated process, especially for mobile platforms.

How much does it cost to build an app like Zoom?

There is no exact number we can write here. It all hinges on your app type, the features you want to include, and individual requirements. You need to consider the following criteria while defining the video conferencing app development cost.

  • Complexity
  • Features
  • App development team size.
  • Development platform
  • Hour number necessary
  • Developer team location
  • Tools used for app creation.

An application similar to Zoom with a few insignificant changes can cost $50,000 – $70,000. A customized application created by experts almost from scratch can cost $50,000. Everything depends on the technologies the team uses for creating an app. To give you more insight, let’s get acquainted with the main stages of app development.

The main steps for cloud meeting app development

Let’s dive a little deeper into the development process and see what it involves. Here are the key steps to build a video chat app that is scalable and user-friendly.

Back-end development

This is the core of app development. You need to find an experienced and reliable team for creating an original and highly scalable application.

Front-end development

Make sure your application looks engaging. Creating a great UI/UX design is a crucial part. The achievements of your app depend on how well-organized the app elements are. You need to pay attention to creating user-friendly functionality, intuitive navigation, and attractive graphics.


For iOS, most developers prefer Swift or Objective-C. For Android, Java and Kotlin are great options. If you need a cross-platform solution, it’s best to ask your experienced development team.


Thorough testing is a final and essential part of the process. Before presenting your app in the market, make sure it has no bugs or errors. Rise above your numerous competitors with outstanding quality and an excellent user experience.

Wrapping up

Developing a video chat application is a tricky process. We hope our article helped you define the necessary features to involve in your video conferencing app. We wish you good luck in developing an excellent profitable video chat application like Zoom. Experts rank the best web design agencies. Find the right agency for you based on rates, expertise, location, size and verified client reviews.

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