Must Try Your Hands On This Unique Way Of Playing Carrom

Are you bored of the traditional carrom board game? Do you want to explore unique ways to keep the game entertaining and more engaging?

Maybe online carrom and experimentation will help. Carrom is one of the most popular and exciting table top games, played in India for generations. It is a simple board game that can be played between a minimum of two players in a maximum of four players and the winner is the one who pockets the queen first.

Unique Way Of Playing Carrom

However, the traditional carrom game is now getting a little difficult to focus on, given the number of times every one of us have played it. So, are there any other game formats for carrom to experiment with?

Carrom business is a different kind of twist on the basic carrom game in which, to proceed to different parts of the board, you need to use your carrom board business game points to buy that particular part of the board first. For the current generation, it is somewhat similar to the game of monopoly.

To understand the game rules better and know proper rules and ways to use the carrom board business game points, let us jump into the nitty-gritty of this version of the carrom board game.

Rules To Follow

  1. The first important rule of carrom business is similar to that of a traditional carrom board game wherein the number of players who can play carrom are also a maximum of 4. However, players can team up and play together, increasing the maximum game player capacity to 8 players in total.
  2. As already mentioned above, the main idea or the key difference between a traditional carrom game and carrom business is only the control of movement. In a traditional game, all you need to do is pocket the coins of your colour and save the queen. However, in carrom business, you need to purchase the parts of the board you wish to move your coins at. This means you need to use your carrom board business game points that you collect in the game and strategize coin movements accordingly.
  3. The key difference between the two mentioned versions of a carrom board game is the way it is played. For a traditional game, you need to pocket the coins to get points, however, in order to collect carrom board business game points, all you need to do is hit your coin only on the parts of the board purchased by you. In case your coin lands on the other side, your opponent gets to keep it instead and make points off it.
  4. Lastly, the main goal of both a traditional carrom board game and a business carrom board game is to collect the highest number of points. The player with the highest number of points not only is the first one allowed to purchase the parts of the board that seems favourable to his game. But also, he/ she has better chances of winning the game in the end.

Point Chart of Purchase Options

As far as the purchase options on the board for collecting carrom board business game points, you can choose the following.

Pocket Value

When you buy any of the four pockets available on the board, you open your chances of increasing the carrom board business game points for yourself as each time a coin lands in the pocket, it is counted as your point. Moreover, the points for each of the pockets available on the board is 150 per pocket.

Base Value

When you buy a base on the board, the red dots of each of the corners of the board are in your control as they have been purchased by you, meaning any time a coin lands on these red dots, you pocket it. Additionally, as per the points chart, each base on the board is worth 100 points.

Middle Or Centre Value

This is one of the most popular parts of the board that players of carrom business choose to buy in order to increase the chances of collecting more carrom board business game points.

This is because the rules of a traditional carrom game also follow a simple one wherein each wrong shot costs the opponent to place his/her coin in the middle, which will directly add up to your game points. As far as the carrom board business game points for purchasing the centre or middle part of the board, it is worth 200 points.

Arrow Value

Last possible purchasing option on the carrom board is the arrow which is only the diagonal arrows available on the board and not the dots around it.

If your coin lands on any of the arrows purchased by you, the coin adds to your carrom board business game points. However, if it lands on the arrow or purchased part of the opponent’s side, you need to miss a turn. The game points for each arrow on the carrom board is 50 points.

To conclude, there is so much to experiment with as far as games are concerned. This is because now you can also play different versions of a carrom board game on online platforms. Given the unexpected pandemic situation worldwide, having the option of playing carrom online with players is a blessing.

You can play with players from all different parts of the world as well as family members and friends, from the comfort of your home, making it a win-win situation overall.

Who would have thought that an interesting version of a traditional Karen game called business carrom can be this exciting. So, do not wait to test out this unique way of playing carrom and begin today!

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