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Using Google Docs To Manage Your Marketing Campaigns

Have you been looking for easy and inexpensive ways to keep your marketing campaigns organized on a budget? No worries. We have just the inside scoop that you’re looking for.

This article provides a few tips and tricks for organizing your marketing campaigns using the built in features of Google Docs.

Keep reading to learn how to use Google Docs to organize your next marketing campaign.

1] Use Google Sheets For Bulk Scheduling Social Updates

You may be surprised to know that many popular social media schedulers like Hootsuite, Buffer, and Zoho Social have bulk scheduling options built in to the platforms to make scheduling your content much easier.

You can use Google Sheets to schedule your content by creating a spreadsheet that contains the information that you want to share in your upcoming campaigns. You can add your social updates and links into a Google sheet and upload bulk content directly to the social media scheduler of choice.

The social media schedulers that offer this bulk scheduling feature also have downloadable templates that you can download and follow so that you don’t have to spend much time on figuring out what content goes in what fields.

Once you’ve downloaded your template and added your unique data, upload your content to your social media scheduler to schedule content for days and weeks to come.

2] Create Your Personalized Content Calendar

If you’re in the process of planning content for days or weeks in advance, you can also use Google Docs as an alternative to expensive content planners by creating a Google sheet.

Create a customized content calendar that includes content themes, related links, and important dates to give you a complete overview of your content in advance.

Personalized Content Calendar

Link important content information from your Google Sheet to Google Calendar to have the same view that some of the popular content planning platforms like CoSchedule offer for a fee.

You’ll save time and money by creating and planning your social media campaigns this way and feel more confident when you can look at your entire content plan for months in advance.

Creating your own content calendar in advance this way frees up more of your time to focus on creativity and more innovative marketing campaigns.

3] Keep Track of Shareable Content Across Multiple Devices

Another built in feature of the Google Docs platforms that can help with your marketing campaign planning is Google Keep. Google Keep is a featured packed note taking app that allows you to save and share content from web pages and websites using embedded features and extensions.

Google Keep eliminates the need for using copy and paste functions by providing web extensions and smartphone apps that let you save and share website data and pages across platforms at the click of a button.

The best feature of the Google Docs platform is that with all of its’ built in feature and integrations that you are never far from your data. The cloud based platform provides extensions and apps for access at your home, office, and mobile devices on the go.

The Google Docs apps are available for download on the Google Play, Apple App Store, and Amazon Web Store. These guys have definitely got you covered!

4] Secure Your Campaign Data

If you’re using the Google Docs suite of apps or any other apps that require that you secure your data, consider downloading secure software from security professionals like Centrify that offer an array of secured software solutions to protect your data.

In the meantime, have fun using your these easy tips to increase your marketing efforts and engagement without increasing your marketing budget.

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