Explaining What VPN Router Is – And Reasons to Use

Introduction to VPN Router

As a router is known as a device that allows multiple devices like computers, laptops and smartphones to connect with the same network, a simple internet router with VPN client software installed on can be defined as a VPN router.

VPN Routers

As we all know that every internet router contains a firmware which is generally the operating system of the router to make it functional, most of the routers come with latest firmware features that enable users to install other software onto it.

In results, users can install VPN client software on router to turn a simple internet router into VPN router and they will be able to run a virtual private network through the router just as we could run on a mobile device or computer.

At the end, the router will throw out WIFI signals to all the connected devices protected with a VPN. Which means any devices connected to the routers Wi-Fi connection, will automatically be protected with a VPN to provide a safe and secure browsing experience.

Once a router successfully connected with the virtual private network installed on it, all the internet traffic is re-routed through the VPN server rather than the actual network using you are.

Therefore, you can enjoy safe internet browsing while protected from being tracked down by hiding your real IP address from local agencies, advertisers, and cyber criminals.

Most of the VPN routers are movable and can be configured and installed anywhere either at home or at workplace where an Internet connection is available.

We can easily connect them with a wireless network or using a LAN to connect your devices with a reliable virtual private network when connected to the network.

Reasons to set up VPN router

As internet has made our personal and professional lives easier than ever, chances of being a victim of identity theft, data breach and other types of cybersecurity threats are always there when we are connected to an unsecured internet connection.

Malicious people can easily get access to our sensitive, confidential and personal information by hacking the network. That’s why, many of us always prefer to use VPN for a safe internet browsing experience either for personal or business use.

However, if you are using VPN for business, turning your VPN off or on for different devices can be bothering, and having a VPN installed on your router may be the ultimate option to provide you with optimum internet security across all your devices connected to the network.

Below are some reasons to set up VPN router that can keep you from troubles while providing safe internet.

1] One-time Connection to Both (Internet and VPN)

Regular VPN users know the exact the annoyance of connecting to a VPN every time when they want to surf the internet either for personal or business purpose. Moreover, the internet connection established after connecting to a VPN is occasionally weak and breaks often.

In order to use safe and secure internet connect, a user will need to remember and connect with the VPN every time in order to not compromise on internet security.

But, when you will have a VPN router at place, there will be no need to connect your device or computer with VPN separately because the router will throw safe and secure signals protected with the virtual private network. Which means your safety is ensured whenever you start surfing the web right after connecting to the router.

In results, you will be able to save a lot of your precious moments but will also enjoy the foolproof online security.

However, you should invest in a reliable router from the list of VPN routers if you really don’t want to compromise business money and online security at the same time.

2] More Devices can be connected at a Time

Since most of the VPN vendors offer limited connections when you sign up for any of their subscriptions, more devices and computers can easily be connected to the secured network when you are using a VPN router.

Due to the availability of VPN router, there will be need to connect the router only and VPN will automatically be connected to the devices. Which means more devices can be connected to the VPN at the same time instead of turning on or off it on several devices.

3] Works with Every Platform

Some of the devices may not allow you to connect with the VPN individually when you want to use them on a safe and secured internet connection. But use of a VPN router can be the perfect solution of this problem as routers can easily be connected to all sorts of devices without facing troubles.

For example, if you are unable to connect VPN to your Xbox or smart TV due to some reasons, you can conveniently do it via VPN router. In simple words, a VPN service connected to the router is a much easier way to use VPN across all platforms.

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