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Johnson Controls was founded in 1885 by Warren. S. Johnson. With time, it has gained hundreds of experiences in building equipment, security equipment, fire equipment, and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment.

Johnson Controls

It is also an award-winning company with awards for its outstanding service delivery and quality equipment production. The company is also notoriously known for its unique designs unmatched and unseen from any other.

Products and Services Provided

Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning equipment (HVAC)

In the modern world, inhouse climate control has become a luxury every home or building owner affords it to acquire the system. Johnson Controls has solutions suitable for work offices, factories, warehouses, campuses, hospitals, hotels, apartments, and even homes.

With experience gained from all corporate world sectors, the company supplies its highly esteemed customers HVAC equipment of outstanding quality. A senior consultant group is always ready to provide ideas and advice on the equipment to best suit a customer’s specifications.

After-sale services such as installation and maintenance of the equipment is an option too. It is also important to note that proper installation of good quality HVAC equipment goes a long way in conserving energy and reducing the total operation cost. Johnson Controls is here to provide sustainable solutions that make an impact on the world.

Building Automation and Controls

The growth of technology has stretched its boundaries further into the construction industry by introducing smart buildings. These are “intelligent” buildings with enhanced safety and efficiency due to their automation and controls.

At Johnson Controls, equipment ranging from the simplest to the highly programmable automation systems are made in utmost precision as specified by the customers. Johnson Controls’ ability to integrate the automated systems has made it possible for most of the designs controlled in a single platform.

Some of the systems that the specialists can integrate include HVAC systems, lighting systems, security systems, and detection systems.

Security equipment and maintenance  

Security has always been the heart of any successful corporation. Here, comprehensive security solutions are provided to the customers to protect people, facilities, and assets. With heavy investments in innovation, Johnson controls a wide variety of security equipment and services to its customers.

They include video surveillance services, cybersecurity services, and access control services to prevent intruders from entering the facilities. Teams of emergency security responders and real-time surveillance teams benefit from the customers who buy from the company. Johnson Controls makes safety its priority and business the customer’s priority.

Fire Detection and Fire Suppression Equipment

The company is committed to providing reliable fire safety products and flexible, innovative, scalable, and affordable solutions to protect the people and facilities. Fire safety is fundamental for every facility as it begins with fire detection.

After detection, measures are put in place to prevent the occurrence of the fire. When the detected fire occurs to grow, fire suppression and extinguishing services get required on the premises. Johnson Controls provides fire equipment from detection up to the extinguishing of the fire.

The high-quality equipment, which most times need little or no maintenance, can be installed at a strategic position with the company’s experienced fire maintenance team’s help. If the fire surpasses the equipment’s capabilities, a rapid response team may be sent to the facility to handle the situation immediately.

Digital Solutions

Johnson controls unlock the power of building data with artificial intelligence. Smart buildings are those enabled by a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The Internet of Things gets described as the network of physical objects embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies to exchange data with other devices and systems over the Internet.

Artificial intelligence is the stimulation of human intelligence into machines by programming them to think and mimic human beings and their actions. It significantly impacts how the building occupants interact with the environment of the building. It goes a long way in enhancing performance in the building and saves time due to the solutions’ quick decision-making capabilities.

Industrial Refrigeration Equipment

Johnson companies provide largescale refrigeration services for both foods and processes that require cool temperatures. Warehouses and food processing industries need refrigeration services to maintain the freshness of their products.

In other instances, some machines require cool weather or even advanced cooling systems to operate. The refrigeration equipment produced by Johnson Controls is of undisputed quality and reliability.

A maintenance team may be provided for the equipment if requested by the customer. Remember, high-quality refrigeration equipment will increase product life span and save on energy expenses.

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