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How to Use PayPal Securely on Your iPhone

Welcome Folks, as you all know that Paypal is a great medium to send and receive payments online so mostly everyone uses it to make payments online in the universe. Now a days we people don’t have much time to use our laptops or computers as much as we spent time on our iPhone’s ain’t you 😮 . So i guess you all wanted to know that how you can use PayPal securely on your iPhone, only for you guys today we will be discussing how you can use PayPal Securely on your iPhone.

Use PayPal Securely on your iPhone

Use PayPal Securely on your iPhone

Use PayPal Securely on your iPhone

Previously, you were able to use PayPal on your iPhone but Touch ID was not available at that time which was a little insecure for the PayPal users. But now Apple have integrated Touch ID in iPhone along with PayPal to make it more secure for the iPhone and PayPal users.

>> Once you will use our steps to enable touch ID on your iPhone you will be secured for every transaction as Touch ID will always be there to ensure security of your transaction which you will make using PayPal on your iPhone’s.

Use PayPal Securely On Your iPhone

Below are steps required to enable more security to your PayPal transactions made on your iPhone, without taking much time of you guys i would start explaining the steps to you all which are involved to Use PayPal Securely On Your iPhone.

Use PayPal Securely

Use PayPal Securely

  • At first you will be require to download PayPal on your iPhone from here to start getting your PayPal secured for your iPhone.
  • Now, Once the app PayPal app is installed on your iPhone it will automatically integrate Touch ID Support and will fix all the previous problems and bugs which you faced. If you are or were using old version of PayPal for iPhone then you must install the new update or try re-installing it once to get rid of the problem and make your PayPal secure on iPhone.
  • Now, whenever you will make any purchases or transaction via your PayPal app it would first ask you for the permission of Touch ID Support  which will make your transaction more secure and will also restrict the transactions and purchases to you only.

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Hurray! That’s it, you completed and got to know all about how you can easily make your PayPal transactions secure on your iPhone with the help of our easy steps. If you have any queries regarding this then you can comment below, do share the post because sharing is caring and is sexy too. 😛

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