Why Blogging is Fun?

Blogging is Fun

Blogging is an activity of writing posts and articles on a website and these days new bloggers are coming up every single day. Blogging is not easy as it seems, you have to write regularly to maintain your blog reputation there are many Good Full time Bloggers, whose job is to blog and more blog. Blogging can help you in many ways so lets check out the reasons why I believe that Blogging is fun.


Before we dig into Why blogging is fun I would like to discuss about Blogging!

Blog is like a personal diary or journal where you share something about what you feel about a particular topic.

Blogs can be individual or company specific. In Individual blogs you will see much of an information which is not about any service or “who we are” ? Whereas company specific blogs are more about services offered by us and “what is our market share” etc.

The first Blog was created by Justin Hall in Jan 1994 and is the oldest Blog on this planet 🙂

Why Blogging is Fun?


1) Reputation

Blogging gives you reputation. It makes you different from your friends It’s a different profession all together.  If your work is exceptional then you start getting viral in no time. What goes around comes around 🙂 .

You can also feature on other Blogs for interviews, local news channels. People love when you do something amazing, if you are earning $$$$$ you are bound to appear on many blogs for interviews.

2) You master many arts

a) You become master in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), I know many people who started out as a blogger and now there main source of income is offering SEO services to many top companies. Isn’t that amazing?

b) You can also start offering web development services, customizing templates, design WordPress plugins and offer many such services on Fiverr and Twenty vile. People outsource the work on such sites and you can easily yourself as a brand since you know how this industry works.

c) Start selling eBooks on Amazon, there are many people whose main source of income is publishing eBooks and they earn descent income out of it.

3) Money

You become Financially independent. You don’t have to depend upon anyone simply join the ad network and make the most out of them ;).  You can work anywhere.  No need to work for anyone , you are your own boss and with that you can start taking responsibilities. You have liberty to work from anywhere  all you need is a good internet connection, laptop and excellent writing skills. If you have all such things it really won’t take much of a time to become financially independent.

4) Entrepreneurship

It makes you Entrepreneur, you don’t need to be a Harvard or Stand ford Grad to become an entrepreneur. It comes naturally, with this you learn to create jobs, you assign jobs to people and you are doing a great community service. So which is the reason why Blogging is so different from so many other professions.

So this is my post about Blogging I hope you liked it and I really hop you start taking some serious measures to become a successful blogger. If you want to share your stories of why Blogging is fun feel free to comment below your ideas 🙂 . Thanks!

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Sangram Barge is a Professional Blogger and Founder of He writes about useful Android Apps, Software reviews, SEO. He recently wrote article on Best Animation Movies.


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  • For me blogging is passion and it’s my first love. I personally don’t want to go outside for a job or work but likes to spend time in-front of my computer.

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