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How to Increase Rank of Old Blog Posts

Increase Rank of Old Blog Posts

This is not a good way of blogging to just write new and new posts daily and publish on your blog, and then leave it after some time. You must to do SEO for your posts which are old on your blog, you need to rank each post on your blog sincerely, you need to apply all possible ways & techniques of SEO for your post to rank well and try to appear in search results at the top. Now how you can get your post at the top? If this is the question then I’m sure that you need to do better SEO for each post so it will appear in search results at the top.

How to Increase Rank of Old Blog Posts

Some bloggers do better On-page SEO for their posts when they writing post, they also share these posts on social media networks, etc but after some time they leave it alone and they concentrate on their new posts which I think is not a good way of blogging, as I mentioned above, We check our posts (quantity) i.e how many posts I published But the professional bloggers always don’t concentrate on the quantity but always they look at their quality & rank of each post.

So now if you want to rank your old posts like other succeeded bloggers then you’re in the right place because in this post we’re going to discuss some SEO techniques which you can apply for your old blog posts to rank well in the search results. So let have a deeply look to these.

Best techniques for doing better seo for your old blog posts:

Here we’ll discuss some tips & techniques which you can apply for your old blog posts to get high rank for it in search results. So let have a look.

Sharing on social media:

If you want to hit an old post on your blog and make it more popular then sharing it on your social media profiles is not a bad idea, you can easily share a post on your social media profiles so your friends & fans will read it, and if they like, it will also may appear on their social media profiles. So what you’ve to do is pick a post which you need to be more popular on your blog and share it on your social profiles and recommend it to your friends & fans.


One of the most effective ways to rank an old blog post is interlinking which is very easy too because it is in your hand, you’ll have full control on this technique. I think it will be very easy for niche blog because of relevant content. What you’ve to do is to try to use some relevant keywords and use a link to an old blog post. For instance, let you’re talking about Phone calls and let you’ve a post How to make free online phone calls then you can easily get a link for this post. Or you can just recommend it to readers to read a particular post. Now it is upto you, how you manage and use the links at the post body.


Related Post Widget & Sitemap:

It is recommended to add related posts widget below each blog post so some relevant post will be at the end of post. Also add a sitemap to your blog which helps not only to users but also each post drink the link juice from, it’s why Google tells to add a sitemap to your blog.

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Get links for it – Guest post/blog commenting:

If you think a post most importantly and most searched then you can get more links for the particular post as more as possible. To get links, you can write some guest post on other blogs (it will be easy & acceptable if you write a relevant post)also you can get links through commenting on other blogs which is not an effective as guest because of no-follow link but still I believe & hope that you’ll get some exposure from their blogs. So try to get links as more as possible and you can.

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Updating old blog posts:

It is also recommended to update your old posts if you want to rank it well in the search results, when you feel free you should look for your old blog posts and make some changes if needed, you can use more powerful keywords (most searched keywords).

So dear readers, above we discussed some tips for improving rank of old blog posts on your blog and hope that you’ll apply these tips and techniques for ranking your old blog posts in search results. All the above techniques are easy to do because that’s all in your control. I himself, using these techniques and now let look forward to hear from you are you agree with these? Did you applied any one of them before?

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  • The point that I can add with my personal experience to this article is to update the images in the articles.Yes, if you change the images and do some image optimization of adding alt tags and title , the organic traffic to the article increases and also your post looks fresh and something interesting! 😀