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Outsourcing Call Center Services to India

Call center services have evolved a lot over the years. They have become a very important part of business strategies for industries around the world. The decision to deploy a company’s call center services to the Business Process Outsourcing Industry is important and beneficial to any organization.

Call center outsourcing companies in India have always practiced the best standards in the industry and offer exceptional services.

Advantages of Outsourcing to India 

Outsourcing Call Center Services

1] Round the clock assistance 

Many companies now have their presence spread out all over the world. If a company has consumers outside of their particular time zone and has business operations in different localities, it is a sensible option to outsource to India, which has a 12 hour time difference with North American and European companies and can provide after-hours and 24/7 customer support.

2] Educated and Skilled work-force 

Indian Universities have around 2 million English speaking and 75,000 IT graduates passing out every year. This gives India a competitive edge over other outsourcing destinations in the world.

3] Experienced Outsourcing Destination 

India has over 20 years of experience in outsourcing services. Besides call centers in India also offer technical services in the fields of engineering, research, etc.

4] Flexibility of price 

India has a massive workforce and provides highly-skilled services at an affordable price. Adding to that, the cost of living in India is not as high as in certain foreign countries, so the price is cut down to match the budget of the company. Every top call center in India is offering the best services for reasonable prices.

5] Digitization 

The Government of India is trying to promote digitization over the whole country and boosting it with state of the art IT infrastructure. This is expected to help tier 2 and 3 locations to offer call outsourcing services too.

6] Attractive IT policies 

The Indian government’s policies especially for the IT industry are always aimed to provide the best benefits for IT outsourcing.

The IT industry is considered to be among the top five priority industries and the pro-IT government policies focusing on GDP growth, taxation, industrial parks, telecom, and special zones help boost the communication systems in India.

7] Technological proficiency 

All the top 10 call centers in India are knowledgeable about basic technological aspects like CRM software, Campaign Management Systems, IVR Systems, CTI applications, workforce management, automatic call distribution, etc.

8] Excellent Customer Support 

There is no doubt that outsourcing increases productivity. In the call center India outsourcing sector, every call center services provider has trained and professional staff ensuring the reputation of the client is protected.

If we look at the Indian outsourcing industry’s statistics, a consulting agency puts its value at around USD 118 billion, reinforcing India’s dominance in the outsourcing sector. Bengaluru is the leading outsourcing destination in India, with Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, and Delhi close behind.

Expertcallers is a prominent feature in the list of call centers in India. A specialist call center services provider with over 12 years of experience, this organization provides a range of services such as product support services, inbound and outbound call support, lead generation services, etc.

Expercaller assures its clients with the promise of operational and technological proficiency. A global company intent on providing its clients with the highest quality of services at an optimum price with performance and quality-based work process, Expertcallers strives to provide excellence in every service that is outsourced to us.

Expertcallers call centers are spread over 5 countries, making it a worldwide presence. Expertcallers offers a multichannel communication support system to its clients so that it can reach a diverse audience through different service problems. Our customer support services live chat support, help desk, telephone support, and smartphone app queries.

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