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Adnety: Pop Under Premium Advertising Network

Choosing a proper advertising medium on the internet can sometimes be a tricky task, one especially where you need to generate real impressions and not just fake figures. Picking up the right website with recognition, popularity, traffic and various number of fans, to watch your ad is not enough to make an advertisement campaign successful. Advertisement work very well if the campaign is planned no matter what the medium be.

Adnety Best Premium Advertising Network


If you are looking for the right partner to run your ad campaign with then Adnety is definitely the right choice. Adnety premium ad network promises all that you aspire to achieve from your pop under advertisement campaign. It is one of those premium paid ad network on which you can completely rely and that can properly look after your approach and advertising strategies.

100% Monetizing

Adnety helps you in the best presentation for your pop under advertisements. 100% monetizing is what Adnety promises to all its clients. It utilizes the traffic on your website in the best way to generate business through your platform.

adnety publisher


Attracting good and unique visitors to flow in more money for you is the way Adnety leads your advertisement campaigns. Adnety have the most planned approach towards handling web content and monetizing through advertisement.


Adnety provides you with the best support system and has remarkable performance with full page pop under ads. They use full page advertisement methods for your website on CPM basis. Ensuring the proper visibility of the pop under advertisements is part of their essential role. The effort inserted by them to get better visibility is what enhances the website traffic and generates maximum profits for the clients. Adnety also ensures that the site and the pop under ad campaigns are easy to navigate to make the experience of the viewer smoother.

Other Advantages

  • The advertiser Dashboard of Adnety provides you with fast approvals for advertisements and also eases up the creation process. Another huge advantage is that the advertiser has full authority over the campaign settings as soon as it gets the approval. All the publishers that are involved with Adnety are genuine which gives them a certain amount of credibility as they have served real impressions n the advertisement campaigns.
  • Adnety maintains transparency with its clients at all times. All the reports on the pop under ad campaigns and its performance are delivered to the client on time. All the figures and facts provided are real time statistics.
  • All the advertising networks used by Adnety are verified advertisement networks which makes the source reliable to work with. There are no third links and all the publishers are direct publishers to make the process more transparent.
  • Payments methods are smooth and simple and PayPal method is used for all business transactions to make the process more protected and authentic. Though there is a deposit amount of $50, payment procedures are completely transparent and the remaining balance is always returned to the clients. Also a refund is provided to the clients if the service is not delivered as expected.
  • Adnety provides it’s clients with a self-serve pop under network pop under ads. The clients can easily control their own pop under ad campaigns and their status. Apart from this they are provided will compete authority and control over bids, categories, campaign caps and other such things as well. This provides the client with certain lineage over the site and work becomes simpler.
Adnety Advertisers

Adnety Advertisers

  • There is a certain level of security that is provided to the client by Adnety. Their anti-bot system filters all the impressions and maintains the integrity of the campaign. The client is ensured that all the bad sources are removed even before they can inflict any harm on the client landing page i.e. the URL.
  • Clients will experience an ease of access with Adnety as the campaign can be targeted by various platforms or operating systems such as desktop or mobile pop under ads be it Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS and other mobile. Clients are also provided with a personal account manager with Skype or email support.

Google Adsense Alternatives

Adnety is without a doubt one of the best options to be affiliated with to get maximum revenue and the enhanced experience in pop under advertising campaigns. 🙂

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  • An online advertising network or ad network is a company that connects advertisers to web sites that want to host advertisements. The key function of an ad network is aggregation of ad space supply from publishers and matching it with advertiser demand.