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Top 10 Online Jobs For Students to Make Money

Even if you heard that online jobs are scams, there are many legal ones out there. For instance, there are several writing companies that hire good writers to work for them. And not just writing, you can find other online jobs that are rewarding. The flexibility to offer makes them suitable for students. Below are ten online jobs for students at any level.

Top Online Part Time Jobs For College Students

Online Part Time Jobs For College Students

1) Freelance writing jobs

One of the online jobs students have greatly benefited from is freelance writing. If you are a good writer, there are tons of companies and individuals willing to hire you. Online writing jobs are flexible. And as you continue to build your profile, your chances of earning more will be higher.

Those who can write on just about any niche have better opportunity to get hired. They will always get jobs because of their vast knowledge and ability to conduct in-depth research. Below are platforms you can create a profile and work as a freelance writer.

2) Data Entry Jobs

The good thing about data entry jobs is that anyone without qualification can do them. What you need most are fast typing skills, knowledge of Microsoft Excel, and of course, basic knowledge of the computer. See examples of platforms you can work as data entry specialist below.

3) Online Tutoring

With the increasing demand for online education, many have made a fortune for themselves working as online tutors. If you are a student with good teaching skills and have free time, you can earn up to $15/hour or more. CheggTutors is one of the platforms you can find such jobs. This is one of the fast-rising online jobs for college students at home. Other websites to work as online tutor are:

  • Happy Tutors
  • Buddy School
  • Transtutors

4) Online Translation job

If you are multi-lingual or perfect in more than one language, then you can work as a translator. As companies expand to other countries, they prefer their marketing materials and documents translated into the native language of that country to make things easier for their new customers. You can translate from English to Spanish, French or any other language that the clients want. Below are platforms you can work as a translator.

5) Virtual assistant jobs

There are hundreds of virtual assistant jobs that students can take up. A virtual assistant does what an assistant in a real-life situation would do. Your duty would be to handle emails, schedule meetings, and take on other tasks that the client assigns to you. Ability to multi-task and manage time is important to succeed in this online job. Places to work as a virtual assistant include:

6) Selling photographs online

Sell Your Photos Online for More Cash

You can take photographs of beautiful places and attractive scenes and sell online. But you must have a good camera and take perfect shots to beat the high competition. Below are platforms you can sell photographs online.

7) Online Survey Jobs

Though many online survey jobs are scams, there are some that are legit. You can ask friends and read about companies that offer such jobs. Knowledge from other people’s experience can help you find the right company that will reward you handsomely for your effort.

8) Affiliate marketing

Students can also make money from affiliate marketing. E-commerce websites like Amazon would pay commission on purchase made through the affiliate link associated with your account. You can register with them and become an affiliate marketer.

9) Online Designing job

Whether you are an expert or budding designer, you can earn money working online. Hundreds of designing jobs are posted on various freelancing platforms every day. You will find jobs in website design, graphics design, banner, logo and more.

10) Online customer service jobs

Hundreds of companies are willing to hire you if you have the required skills to work as a customer service agent. Your duty would be to respond to customer emails, live chat, receive phone calls and more. You can source for opportunities from various freelancing platforms or become an agent at


There are numerous opportunities to make money even if you are a student. Your studies will not be disrupted as these online jobs are very flexible and rewarding. Make money to support your education and save for future projects.

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