Best Time to Travel Kerala for Holidays – Best Time To Visit

Have you been lately planning a visit to Kerala? If answered yes, it can’t be denied that Kerala is definitely one of the best destinations that you can ever have within India.

If you’re wondering about the best time to visit Kerala, this will depend on the specific place that you’re visiting within the place. While there are few places that are best enjoyed during monsoons, there are some other places that are best during winters.

Best Season To Travel To Kerala

Best Time to Visit Kerala for Holidays

Overall, as per what the travel experts believe, September to March is considered the most pleasant weather, thereby making it a favourite for the tourists. You can best explore the countless facets of Kerala, its beaches, hill stations and backwaters.

Kerala and its climate

1] Summer season

March to May is considered as summer season in Kerala and the weather during this season is pretty hot and humid. Tourists find it tough to go out for sightseeing during the warm climate.

Nevertheless, the evenings are lot cooler. However, the hill stations remain cool during summer too and hence you can visit Thekkady, Munnar or Wayanad in summer. On the contrary, it’s a big No to visit Alleppey, Kochi and Kumarakom.

2] Monsoon season

Monsoon season continues from June to August and this is touted to be the most perfect time for visiting Kerala. The backwaters, hill stations and beaches are at their natural best during the monsoons.

Apart from loving the rejuvenating climate, you can witness fully blooming lush green landscapes. What can be a better feeling than being surrounded by greenery? You’ll forget all tiredness and stress once you’re in Kerala.

3] Winter season

December heralds the beginning of winter season and the temperature gets mild by February.  As the humidity is much lower and the weather is pleasant, many think winter to be the apt season for visiting Kerala.

Places like Thekkady and Munnar offers the most splendid views of mountains and tea gardens covered with fog. Such places offer a perfect opportunity for romantic walks. So, if you’re visiting Kerala for your honeymoon, winter is the time for you!

The love affair between Monsoon and Kerala

Although Kerala is one of the most beautiful places to visit throughout the year yet it is believed that December to February is the best time. Nevertheless, monsoon creates a magical spell on Kerala. Here are few of the 6 interesting reasons to visit Kerala during monsoon.

Reason #1: Festivities of Onam

It is a delightful experience to visit Kerala during Onam festivities. This is the harvesting season and Onam marks one of the most vital festivals of Kerala.

From folk dances like Mohini Attam and Kathakali and martial art forms like Kalaripayattu, flowers in full bloom and well-decorated elephants, you’ll find elaborate feasts to enjoy in Kerala. Trivandrum, Kochi, Kottayam and Thrissur are the places to visit in Monsoon.

Reason #2: Breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls

If you wish to see the waterfalls in their full glory, Monsoon is the season for you to visit Kerala. You can spend hours after hours gazing at the beauty of the waterfalls and soaking in the freshness of the environment.

To recreate a touch of Bollywood, you may visit Athirapally Falls which is situated 47kms from Thrissur and which was one of the chosen locations for Abhishek Bacchan and Aishwarya Rai Bacchan starrer Guru. Thommankuth, Athirapally, Vazhachal , Kozhikode, Thusharagiri and Kollam are the best places to visit.

Reason #3: Massage and Ayurvedic treatments

One of the most special reasons to visit Kerala is the Ayurvedic treatment and massage. As preached by Ayurveda experts, monsoon is certainly the best time to undergo such treatments.

During monsoon, the weather is moist, perfect, dust-free and cool, thereby opening up the pores of your skin and making the Ayurvedic therapy more effective and fruitful. After the treatment period, your body has to cool down and this too is made possible only during winter. Human body recuperates very easily.

Reason #4: The tranquilizing backwaters

A trip to Kerala is never complete without a boat ride on the backwaters. All you have to do is hire a conventional houseboat and sail down the backwaters, around a stretch of 900kms. While you’re on board the houseboat, you can enjoy South Indian cuisine and simply relax.

Don’t miss the local gourmet food like toddy as this is best taken while relaxing on the backwaters. The monsoon adds to the lush green plants giving you a perfect backdrop for your pictures. Alleppey is the place to be for experiencing the backwaters.

Reason #5: The captivating green mountains

There is no two ways when we say that the hills of Kerala have something magical about them. Mattupetty is a rustic and picturesque spot to experience the magical monsoons.

This is a hill station that is located 1700 meters high in Idukki hills and it is remembered for its splendid lake and dam. You can spend your vacation by taking romantic walks watching the waterfalls or even sit back indoors and enjoy the vastness of the hills. Sometimes, rain will accompany you to wash and cleanse the place.

Reason #6: Resounding beaches

Kerala beaches consist of distinctive topography, irregular outcrops and these features change when you gradually progress from North to South Kerala. However, the only feature that remains constant is that the beaches are all surrounded with coconut trees.

All over the state, you’ll find a dense population of coconut trees. It is the greenery of this state that makes it alive during the monsoon season. The Kerala coastline is the core of fishing activity and they go about making business during monsoon.

You’ll love the sea fish that is cooked with special South Indian spices. The Marari beach has already received accolades for its Ayurvedic treatment.

So, if you’re planning to go out for your next vacation after the COVID19 pandemic is done away with, Kerala is the place to be for mental detox. You can just lie down in your hotel room and enjoy the scenic beauty of the place.

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