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5 Unique Ways Online Webinars are Driving Sales & Growth for Businesses

The term Webinar, a portmanteau created from the words “Web” and “Seminar,” is quite popular or well-known on the web. Most people who use the Internet probably already know what it means or have at least encountered it a couple of times. It is synonymous to web conference and online workshop, an activity that enables real-time point-to-point or multicast communication. However, not many business owners may realize how Webinars are helping to drive sales and facilitate overall business growth.

Online Webinars Driving Sales

How to Grow Sales and Businesses via Online Webinars:

Aside from facilitating sales team trainings and doing remote product demonstrations, the following explain how Webinars are helping increase sales and expand a business.

1. By Serving as an Indirect Marketing Tool, a Proof of Expertise and Success

Webinars can be saved and made available to others who might find the information shared in them useful. They can provide valuable insights on undertaking certain business ventures based on the expertise and experiences of an actual company. Recorded Webinars, when shared with potential customers or business partners, can serve as a marketing or promotion tool. This is different from the remote product demonstrations or online negotiations with potential customers. This is about using archived or recorded Webinars to showcase expertise or breadth of experience to attract the attention of prospective customers as well as to convince potential business associates.

In addition, while a large percentage of prospective attendees may miss the actual Webinar event, most are willing to catch up via recorded replays.

2. By Enabling and Maintaining Close Relations with Customers and Business Partners

Webinars or web conferencing are excellent alternatives to personal or face-to-face communication. They enable online communication that is close to simulating personal conversations. To considerable extents, they can help forge stronger relations with customers and business partners, especially for those who are separated by great distances. Better relationships with customers and other businesses almost always translate to better business. The ability of Webinars to create strong ties is always good for sales and business growth.

Online Webinars Driving Sales

3. By Attracting the Right Audience, Providing Opportunities for Networking

Web conferences, online workshops, or Webinars can serve as excellent platforms for attracting the perfect audience for pitching your products, services, or solutions. Those who participate in webinars are mostly only those who are interested in the subject of discussion. Hence, if you carefully plan a webinar, you should be able to organize discussions that will attract the right people or businesses you want to attract. Additionally, bear in mind that the people you will be encountering in Webinars are also people who have their own circle of contacts. They can also introduce you to new networking possibilities or opportunities to encounter new customers, partners, or investors.

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4. By Creating Opportunities to Impress Potential Customers

You can Make Webinars into opportunities to impress potential customers. Learn to be very sensitive to possible concerns or interests of those who participate in Webinars to be able to make them discuss issues or problems for which you might have the appropriate solution. This is a highly commendable way of leaving a good or great impression. A good impression is always a great way to start pitching your products or solutions. Webinars should not be limited by a program or presentation plan since they can also present opportunities to impress potential customers or partners.

Opportunity Online Webinars

5. By Serving as a Platform for Obtaining Customer Ideas and Feedback

Aside from solving customer problems during webinars, you can also use it in collecting ideas or feedback from customers. Those who organize Webinars are expected to be the ones to share useful information or insights but this does not mean that they can’t learn or obtain any useful insights from participants in the process. By Making Webinars Engaging or by encouraging input from participants;for example, by using the moderated private chat and FAQ sessions features from a service like ClickWebinar, Webinars can be an excellent source for ideas on sales improvement or business problem troubleshooting.

Online Webinars Driving Sales

Remember that webinars possess a wider geographical reach compared to traditional seminars or conferences and allows businesses to be more nimble as the time to launch and logistical costs are reduced. Webinar or web conferencing tools eliminate geographical boundaries so discussions with participants from different parts of the world can be possible. According to the Content Marketing Institute’s Research, marketers consistently rate Webinars among the top twelve most frequently used marketing and engagement tactics, and among the top five most effective. As such, you can’t just consider webinars as a simple process of sharing and receiving information. They should be viewed as a powerful tool for promotion, a great platform for business networking, and an opportunity to leave a good impression to potential customers, business partners, and investors.

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