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Jackets Then and Now: How Have They Changed Over the Years

For those who don’t know, a jacket is simply a short coat. Both women and men wear it. Aside from the suit, the jacket is one of the most crucial clothes in a person’s closet.

A jacket is suitable for both casual and formal activities. This is especially true if it’s made in a neutral color palette, styled properly, and cut well.

Jackets Then and Now

It shouldn’t be tight-fitting in the body or exaggerated in the shoulder. A jacket needs to be cut proportionately to the width and height of a person in double-breasted or single-breasted versions.

There are a lot of various shapes and styles of jackets throughout history. However, every single style fits great into casual and formal occasions.


The arrival of the jacket was announced in April 1857. It was announced in Corriere delle Dame, a magazine for women.

According to the magazine, a jacket is a shortened version of the morning coat with shorter skirts. They said that this style will become a crucial thing for the wardrobes of both women and men.

In July 1935, Adam Magazine stated that a jacket is a form of coat that isn’t a redingote or tailcoat. It stated that the jacket will be the main fashion in a single-breasted version with skirts that won’t reach the knee.

The magazine also stated that the jacket is shaped like a sack and will not completely cover the buttocks of a person.

Use in War

Use In War

This is probably a bit surprising for you. However, some jackets were first used in World War 1. This is particularly true when it comes to Leather Jackets.

You can see photos of members of the military and aviation members wearing jackets. For those who don’t know, it’s part of their uniform. The main purpose of the leather jacket is to offer additional security for the person.

According to research, the first person who suggested the idea of wearing leather jackets in the military was Yakov Sverdlov.

As time passed by, jackets became more and more popular. Since then, it has become a style state for a lot of people.

Appearance in TV

The jacket first made an appearance in the movies in 1928, specifically the leather jacket. The first person to introduce this jacket in the movies was Irving Scott.

Scott named his jacket Perfecto. After watching the movie, people started a trend of wearing jackets while riding a motorbike.

The jacket became so popular that a lot of actors and producers tried jackets in their movies. People also began to copy them. As time passed by, the leather jacket became extremely well-known among people.

Since this jacket became extremely popular, a lot of clothing manufacturers with low MOQ appeared around the world.

Where Was the First Jacket Originated?

First Jacket Originated

According to studies, the first jacket appeared to have originated during the early Renaissance or the Middle Ages. Before, it was known as the jerkin.

A jerkin is another version of a short tunic. However, it is more fitted. Working-class men usually wore these clothes.

Then, the jacket became standard working dress by the early 18th century for servants in urban settings and agricultural workers.

Jackets in the 18th Century

Fitted single-breasted lounge jackets became popular with middle-class men from the late 1830s. This jacket has waisted pockets, tiny revers, and darts beneath the arms.

Around 1862, a double-breasted version appeared. However, it became the reefer jacket down the line.

During this period, the single-breasted Norfolk jacket became extremely popular. This is especially true for sporting activities in the country.

A couple of people would bring a face mask when wearing this jacket to further improve their fashion statement.

Jackets in the 19th Century

19th Century Jacket

Only the three-buttoned jacket was considered fashionable by the end of the 19th century. The most popular type during this period was the lounge jacket.

Oftentimes, people wear a version of it to dinner parties. This is particularly true with the ones made with silk-fronted lapels. As time passed by, people wearing this jacket to dinner parties simply called the jacket a dinner jacket.

Later on, the jacket became part of a formal suit called the tuxedo.

20th Century

For most of the 20th century, the same styles of jackets worn in the 19th century were worn. The same styles even reached into the present century.

The blazers with brass buttons are well-known summer attire, especially if paired with white pants. The Norfolk jacket is still a favorite piece of clothing when it comes to sporting events. People still wear sports jackets with flannels.

Jackets Becoming a Fashion Statement

Fashion Statement

Today, the jacket isn’t simply a protection tool or for protecting people against cold weather conditions. It has become a fashion statement.

You can easily notice women and girls wearing jackets while walking on the catwalk. Just like hand sanitizers which are already a must-have now, there are different designs of jackets available in the market, also that you need them now. People can pick in between durability, fashion, sizes, shapes, and trendy colors.

Aside from that, leather jackets are still one of the most popular forms of jackets around the world. So, if you’re a fan of jackets, you’ve got a lot of options to choose from.

Different Types of Jackets

Keep in mind that not all jackets are the same. For those who don’t know, people categorize jackets into two categories. There are jackets that people use for protection. The other category is for jackets that people use for their style statement.

Jackets made for protection are typically made up of high-quality materials. Thus, it is more durable compared to other forms of jackets.


Different Types of Jackets

From wearing it for protection to dressing to impress, jackets have evolved a lot ever since it was first introduced to the masses.

Due to their versatility, jackets will stay as one of the most important pieces of clothing in the world.

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