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Top Android Lock Screen App: The Android lock screen highly modify something to suit a task and has received many far reaching changes over the years. Android store is a best place where plenty amount of different apps are available for free and as well as paid ones. People feel bored watching routine home screen and lock screen. Here as Android are customizable home screen and lock screen can be changed as you just by installing some android apps, with best feature of providing security to your privacy. Check out below android lock screen app.

Best Android Lock Screen Apps

List of Android Lock Screen Apps for Android

Alarm anti-theft Screen Lock:

Sometimes people will be concerned for about their valuable things like smartphone, they may worry about if their smart phone gets stolen or someone without their permission may open your phone. If you too are dealing with same situation, then don’t worry. This App is provided for you with a unique security system which puts an alarm on your device. If anyone try to steal your smartphone or open without your permission then it will be met with a very unpleasant and offensive alarm, letting everyone around you know that the attempt to steal or unlock your phone has failed, this keeps your smartphone safe.

Cover lock screen:

Cover lock screen app

Cover lock screen app

One of the best vivid app for the android users is cover. Lock screen which you can you use for mobile lock. This android lock screen app consists of various features different styles. According to your style you can use them also with this app you can set your mobile settings smartly as you ward this app has a unique app feature through which you can open the app directly from the lock screen, for quick accessing you can bet apps on your home screen.

Go locker:

Go locker is the top most popular screen replacement app making 100 million users with most reviews and providing privacy protection with a home lock button shortcuts like messages and phone settings are provider in order to access directly from mobile home screen, go locker store has plenty of various Themes for the users. Of them some are free and some has to be paid.

Dodol locker:

The other best android lock screen app with large amount of stylish Themes is Dodol locker. You can decorate your home screen with the customization options available and has functionality. For your privacy it provides you a unique PIN/ Pattern unlock number. It also consists of various categories of wallpapers, some are free and are paid one.

Dodol locker

Dodol locker

Joy Locker:

Joy locker is a unusual android lock app for the users who need something new as the important thing is privacy for your privacy the app has provided a unique and attractive unlock patters which not only gives security to your mobile apps but also for the data, which will be safe, by using the joy locker app also there are some mini games which kids can also play. It is completely free also it has variety of wallpaper of you.

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