Benefits of the Folx Downloader

If you still consider that you don’t need additional software allowing you to accelerate your work with downloads on Mac, you are mistaken. There is one reason when you have hit it right – you deal with downloads on rare occasions.

Folx Software

Nonetheless, if your day-to-day work is related to downloading things from the net and you see that you can’t keep all files on your Mac under control (you can’t find files that were downloaded several days ago or films, images and documents are mixed), a palatable software product for administrating downloads is your number one tool.

Right here, we’ll investigate all merits of Folx, a download manager which is deemed to be one of the most top-ranked apps in this area.

Why Folx?

Ultimately, the net is overwhelmed with similar programs, promising users fast and easy downloads. If you are a new Mac user, you’ll definitely be befogged.

The greatest benefit of Folx is that this app is not new on the market and already has an awful lot of positive feedback from Mac users. This is the main confirmation of success.

The core target of this manager is to download various files via HTTP, FTP or HTTPS on a high speed. Besides, the software supports the option of auto-resuming transfers. Otherwise stated, it can partition downloads into different threads. As well as any other similar app, there are free and paid versions.

Users have an opportunity to test the app for free and if it meets their demands they can obtain a paid version. If you deal with torrent networks on an ongoing basis and frequently download things from the internet, Folx will prune down your work.

Folx was developed by Eltima Software Company.

Overview of the Main Benefits

Check out the list of all advantages and you’ll find confirmations why Mac users from all over the globe choose this application:

  • Make a schedule for downloads. Users are permitted to set the time when downloads must be conducted. This feature is extremely useful for those individuals, who need to download lots of things from the internet regularly.
  • Tag system. Now, all files can be marked in accordance with their type. For instance, images won’t be mixed with documents. Besides, it is also possible to set the location to each tag (if necessary). Later, users are allowed to add personal tags too.
  • iTunes integration. If a movie or a song is marked with this tag, a file will be automatically added to your playlist.
  • Capability to download from YouTube. In a similar vein, users can download videos from YouTube or direct links. Those Mac users who need to download too huge files need to do this right in Folx (not in a browser). In doing this, you’ll secure your downloads because the app protects them.
  • If you need to download things that are attached to RSS feed, Folx allows you to do this automatically.
  • To find the necessary file in the document, you aren’t made to browse the web on an ongoing basis. Folx will find the biggest torrent trackers list for you. To do this, you need to make use of the window “Folx Search” and enter the keywords there.

FOLX PRO 5 review

As you see, Folx is endowed with many useful options that can help users make their downloads faster and clearer. We can recommend this software for those Mac users who used to load files with any kind of frequency.

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