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Importance of App Store Optimization for Mobile Apps in the Year 2020

Ask yourself this particular question, how do people discover new apps which are published in the app store? Well… research indicates that more than 51% of people follow recommendations from other people whom they trust, such as their friends, family, colleagues, business partners, etc.

App Store Optimization for Mobile Apps

While the remaining 48% discover new apps by exploring them in different app stores. Out of this 48 %, almost 34% always download the apps which are recommended to them based on their previous downloads by the app store.

Today, there are more than 2 million apps published in the world’s leading mobile app stores. In such a market, it often becomes difficult for businesses to get their mobile app recognized. We all want to earn success in the mobile market, and the best possible option we have is mobile app store optimization.

What is Mobile App Store Optimization?

Mobile App Store Optimization or ASO is a strategy used to implement the best practices to rank a mobile app in a competitive market of the mobile app store. There are different app stores for different operating systems. The two main app stores are Android and iOS.

Just like my friend SEO Toronto rank websites, by using a set of SEO practices on different search engines, an ASO specialist uses a different set of ASO practices to rank mobile apps on the app store search results and top chart rankings.

To succeed in the mobile space, building just a great app is no longer good enough. You need to make sure that your app gets discovered, downloaded, and used by the right people so they can drop in reviews.

Why is it important? Because customer reviews are what enables most mobile app developers to create experiences that are far better than those which do not get reviewed so frequently. Anything that follows the suggestions of their customers religiously and is constantly updating will remain successful.

Why has ASO become an Important Marketing Strategy for Business?

Do you know that a simple app store search can attract around 67% of the interested people? It shows that the search option in the app store is one of the most common methods of discovering mobile apps.

Just in case, if you haven’t optimized your mobile app on the right keywords, then you will eventually fail to appear in probable relevant searches performed by customers. As a result, your business ends up making business for potential customers.

However, if you have spent time smartly every week optimizing the right keywords for your particular mobile app, then you can reap a whole lot more beneficial compared to others.

In this way, your organic downloads keep coming in, and you reap a good amount of profit every day.

Jacob Baadsgaard, founder, and CEO of the Disruptive Advertising, writes in Search Engine Land.

“Optimizing for local search is important, but if you aren’t optimizing for mobile, you’re going to miss out on your most important source of local traffic.”

But what happens if in case your app store is not optimized and does not appear on relevant searches?

Well, you could simply lose hundreds, maybe thousands of potential customers every day. If you have mobile app ideas or if you are running a mobile app for your business and it is still not optimized on relevant keywords, then you are right now, and right this moment losing some good paying customers.

The Leading Benefits of Getting Your Mobile App Optimized for Different App Stores

In case, you are not opting in to see your newly built mobile application turn into a complete failure, and you are seeking to learn some more incredible benefits of getting your mobile app optimized then here you go.

1) You Get More Organic Installs (Invest Less Acquisition Cost)

One of the most remarkable things about optimizing your mobile app on the app store is that it will incredibly help increase your organic installs. When people are capable of searching your product in real-time through the app search options, then you will have to invest very little or absolutely no cost.

Once optimized on high ranking keywords, you will start seeing your search options appear in different search results, and your brand visibility will automatically get a well-deserving exposure.

Automatically, you will see an increase in your organic downloads while your acquisition cost will go down.

2) More Relevant Users will Start Seeing Your Mobile App Appear in Searches

When mobile apps are optimized on desired keywords, then they start appearing in relevant searches for the right people. In case, when you are not using the right keywords, then you will automatically start seeing the wrong people downloading and purchasing your app.

If your app doesn’t appear in the right category or your app description doesn’t explain well what your users will experience within the app, then you are simply reducing the chances of putting the app in front of the right audience.

All of these factors are important to pay attention to because they all contribute together to make your app appear in front of the right users.

3) Keyword Research Provides the Perfect Stability to Your Mobile App

There is no denying the fact that using the right marketing strategy will give the most optimum level exposure to your mobile app design.

Keyword Research

However, if you are someone seeking to increase the overall app revenue and get some extra download by implementing strong organic practices, then a good ASO strategy in place can definitely give your mobile app the perfect stability it needs.

So, instead of investing all your marketing budget to create profitable avenues, it is important that you invest a significant amount in keyword research.

With the right keyword research, you can successfully rank your product on the desired app store.

App Store Optimization is an integral part of your entire app development strategy. While developing a mobile app is one thing, knowing which keywords and mobile app practices are the best for your business decides the success ratio of your business.

When was the last time you invested time in learning ASO? If you are creating a mobile app solution for your business, then now might just be the time.

4) App Store Optimization (ASO) is a Quick & Effective Way

When you create a mobile app, your utmost goal is to see yourself appear at the top. And that too in an extremely less amount of time, isn’t it? Besides, once your app is fully functional and ready to be uploaded, then there is no way you can back out. You got published, and now you can only move forward.

Therefore, it is increasingly important that you implement every other strategy which you have learned and start ranking your app on the right keywords. If you are already using keywords with low-difficulty, then check whether or not you have placed them correctly within the content.

Also, make sure that you record everything and make important reports on your searches all the time. Nowadays, everything is about data. If you have collected all the relevant information, then all you have to do is feed that information to the system and let the system predict the best possible solution for you. It’s why you hire data scientists.

Just as much as designing a wonderful app solution for your business is important, equally, it is also important that you are well-acknowledged on how to rank it on the different app stores. An aesthetically pleasing mobile app that is fully functional will only do business when it is successfully being accessed by different customers.

You can’t just sit and think, okay, my app is now published it will start generating profit for me anytime. You actually have to go out of the box and get it done yourself.

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