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This is the place where will be interacting with Academy Teacher to promote yourself from a Trainee to a Soul Reaper. If you’re a Trainee, you get access to the Classroom to do the exam for rewards such as XP and Yen.

Soul War Trello 2023

Soul War Trello & Wiki

SazErenos created the rarely played game Soul Wars (Now known as Ex) (formerly known as turdulator). Over 375,000 players have already visited the game, and over 13,000 have added it to their favorites. A few years ago, a lot of people played this game. Few people have recreated or remade the game even though it has been shut down. Examples of this include Brutez’s Soul Wars: Classic Remake (with a Boss place) and devAndree’s Soul Wars Rebirth.


Players must defeat the soul invaders and destroy the gates in order to win the game while preventing the soul army from destroying the castle.

If the team manages to reach round 6 and beat it, they will be able to battle the mini-boss, WEEGEE. However, if the team manages to reach round 6 and successfully beat it, they will be able to start the round over again.

The game’s creator, Turdulator, must be fought by the players after WEEGEE is vanquished if they are to advance. The team will be able to battle the final boss-evil versions of the game’s players-after he is eliminated.


One of the initial melee weapons in Soul Wars is the Soul Sword. However, it is among the game’s weakest weapons.

One of the strongest weapons in soul wars is the knife. The Knife, a weapon used by the Spy character in the well-known first-person shooter video game Team Fortress 2, served as the inspiration for the weapon.

The knife performs similarly to the weapon in the aforementioned game in that it can attack an enemy from behind and either instantly kill it or deal increased damage to it. It also gives the player the option to cloak, which temporarily renders them invisible.

The second most potent weapon in soul wars is the Soul Edge. It has an extremely high damage capacity. However, the player must earn 80 points in a single round in order to obtain this sword. Unfortunately, there are some bugs in the weapon, such as the soul meter not appearing or the sword functioning properly but dealing no damage to enemies.

The Medigun is a utility tool that, like the Medic’s Medigun from Team Fortress 2, can heal the player from the damage they have taken, can overheal the player, and can deploy an ÜberCharge when the Übercharge meter is full. However, there are still some bugs in the tool that prevent the player from purchasing it or showing Turdulator as the name of the healer when they are being healed.

Black Blade It can deal a lot of damage and has twice as much damage as the soul edge. A card is needed to purchase this weapon.

A card is needed to purchase the Soul Axe, which can be thrown along to deal with enemies from a distance.

Spirit Gun, It can deal with enemies from a distance as well, but there are still some bugs. For example, shooting the gun but quickly unloading it causes an arm glitch.

Similar to the pyro’s flamethrower in Team Fortress 2, the Flamethrower allows players to ignite enemies’ flames and extinguish them by pressing a button.

Soul War Beginner Guides & Tips

If you have watched Bleach anime, then you already know the role of Soul Reapers. Soul Reapers are the balancers of the world. They eliminate hollows and save souls, sending them to Soul Society. They use Shikai’s and Kido in order to destroy hollows in a quick and efficient way.

Hollow Pat – To become hollow, you must die in a Hollow as a Human. this is relatively the easiest path to go, due to you only need to die to get it.

Arrancar Path – Arrancars are Menos+, meaning you need to be a Menos, Adjuhas, or a Vasto Lorde to become an Arrancar. There will be a skill in the skill tree that will allow you to evolve.

Trainee Path – To become a Trainee, you must be a Human and simply talk to the Soul Reaper NPC. the NPC either spawn in the town of houses or the hospital, so look around. You are faster than hollows, so you will outrun them.

Soul Reaper Path – To become a Soul Reaper, you must be a Trainee with Rank 5 or above. to obtain Rank 5, you must do quests at the quest board, which is near the gate.

Vizard Path – To become a Vizard, you need Soul Reaper and Rank 10. Simply talk to the Exile NPC in Katakura. After talking to the Exile, you will lose all Kido skills and are forced to do the Vizard Raid Boss in order to become a vizard.

Quincy Path – To become a Quincy, you spawn with it for a 10% chance.


  • Shikai – See shikai obtainment.
  • Bankai – Unobtainable.
  • Voltstanding – Unobtainable.
  • Ressurection – Unobtainable.

Soul War Swords

One Sword – These swords are meant for more speed gameplay. One Sword has a 95% chance of spawning on your character. You do less damage than two swords, but you are faster.

  • Hilt
  • Black
  • Waist
  • Hilt (Alternate).
  • Black (Alternate).

Two Swords – These swords are meant for more strength gameplay. Two Sword has a 5% chance of spawning on your character. You do more damage than One Sword, but you have less speed.

  • Hilt
  • Black
  • Waist
  • Hilt (Alternate).
  • Black (Alternate).

How do I use skill points?

If you are a soul reaper you have to do training which are located in soul society at spar npc or kisuke shop in karakura every other race can press M and then click stats to apply them.

How to become a soul reaper?

There are multiple soul reaper npcs around the map. You can easily find one by the yellow beam on them.

How to become hollow?

Simply get killed by a hollow or a player.

How to become a Quincy?

It’s only obtainable when you start the game. You have a 10% of getting upon spawning.


  • Yellow Bar – EXP.
  • Green Bar – Health.
  • Name | Rank – Your current name and your current rank. max rank is 30.
  • Blue Bar – Reiatsu.
  • Squares 1-7, R T Y – Skills.

Soul War Ranked Gamemode

Ranked is a game mode you unlock at Rank 15 of your current slot. It is a place where challengers come to fight each other, to be at the very top of the leaderboard, and become the very best fighter there is. Winning gives you 5 points and losing removes 5 points.


When loading into the game, you will load into a Lobby. this Lobby is where you will challenge other players. To fight, simply queue up (by pressing the red text) and it’ll put you in a queue.

When both participants agree to a fight, you will be able to see their stats and names one last time, for security measures. Make sure to record the username if they’re exploiting it!

When you win a challenge, you and the opponent will be teleported back to the lobby and it will show the winner.


There are also prizes for winning ranked fights. There is a 1/15 chance, every time you win, to gain a Accessory. And there are currently four accessories in ranked, being Black Cape, White Cape, Black Fur Cape, and White Fur Cape.

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