AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Training

Companies are constantly on the lookout for professionals with prowess in cloud-based platforms due to its benefits over other computing programs. AWS cloud is a prime cloud service provider in the market. Its growth rate has exceeded Google, Microsoft, and Azure.

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Training empowers you with all the elements and skills required to surpass your competitors in cloud computing! AWS certified cloud practitioner demonstrates comprehensive knowledge of the core services and solutions offered by AWS Cloud. Offering solutions based on AWS Cloud to their organization and clients, it is a credential that is identified globally.

Cloud Computing has equipped small scale start-ups with the technology that was once limited to large scale business establishments. No wonder, it is the most sought after internet-based computing platform in today’s world! And, the future looks promising too.

1] Why Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing has a widespread influence. So much so, that people use it routinely, without even realizing. For example, when you update your status on a social site or keeping a check on your bank balance through your cell phone, you are in the cloud computing domain.

Cloud computing increases efficiency, the flow of cash, and reduces costs and involvement of risks to a great extent. Some of the other benefits are listed below.

  • Flexibility: Fluctuating bandwidth demands are not a problem to tackle. Most growing businesses have such requirements. Cloud computing is very renowned for its operational agility.
  • Disaster Recovery: Recovery and back-up solutions offered by cloud computing save money and time, which is exactly why small businesses are adopting cloud.
  • Updates: Since the servers are not located inside company premises, the software update is taken care of, by the cloud service providers. This includes security, as well as regular updates.
  • Low Expenditure: Cloud computing program cuts the need for investing huge capital in setting up the hardware for IT services. Cloud services are usually subscription-based. You can save resources and utilize them elsewhere.
  • Security: It offers a higher degree of security. Since all the valuable data is stored in the cloud, you don’t have to worry about data loss on account of damage to your PC, Mobile phone and other devices.
  • Regulation of Energy: Cloud-based programs can scale up or scale down the involvement of energy according to the consumption.

2] Prerequisites of the Course

There are no prerequisites as AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Training is an entry-level course. However, a basic knowledge of Information Technology services and their usefulness in the AWS cloud platform.

Also recommended is 6 months of experience in AWS cloud, be it purchasing, managerial, sales, technical or any other role. Individuals that are familiar with the fundamentals of programming language can apply the course to redefine their expertise.

The course is going to be ideal for.

  • Anyone looking to expand their cloud computing skills and knowledge.
  • Business Analysts.
  • Marketing Analysts.
  • Legal personnel.
  • Scrum Masters.
  • Sales personnel.
  • Project Managers.

3] What is the Scope of Learning?

Upon completion of the course, you will possess the ability to host and set up applications on platforms based on cloud computing. You will have an in-depth understanding of Platform as a service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

The knowledge of chief services of AWS cloud will help you extensively. Some other essential learning domains of the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Training include.

  • Concepts: Introduce yourself with cloud computing fundamentals and the international infrastructure of AWS Cloud. An overview of AWS. Familiarize yourself with the AWS platforms, AWS availability zone, and more.
  • Services: Learn the key service of AWS and its common application. Understand the AWS platform administration. Topics covered, include setup of AWS account, Secret Keys and Access Keys, etc.
  • Principles: Comprehend the basic architectural principles and design of the AWS cloud. Imply the knowledge to come up with a solution that meets the client’s conditions.
  • Finest Practices: Learn about the finest practices pertaining to cloud computing, such as migration, security, and storage. Develop the skills necessary to guide your company regarding the implementation of the project.
  • Security And Compliance: Two essential aspects of the AWS platform. Gain in-depth knowledge of the shared security model. Enable yourself with the knowledge of storage service by learning to use S3.
  • Account Management: Learn about billing, pricing models, and account management. Learn building glitch tolerant applications.
  • Database Services: Understand all about the AWS database services.

4] Benefits of AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Training

The benefits of the certification are far-reaching.

AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Training


  • Expertise: Become an expert on AWS cloud computing procedures, techniques, and services. Become more proficient at your job.
  • Growth: Boost your career by applying for the course. It will develop your personal skills in the field of cloud computing.
  • Pay-Scale: Better salary packages due to the trustworthiness in the demonstration of knowledge and skills of an AWS certified professional.
  • Global Recognition: Since the AWS certification is a worldwide phenomenon, a cloud practitioner is accepted irrespective of your geographical boundaries.
  • Job Opportunities: Gaining AWS credential is going to provide you with better job opportunities.
  • Demand: Add life to your career by always staying in demand. AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Training will prove vital to your market demand.

Acquiring best skills, expanding technical knowledge, and building a successful career in cloud computing is now possible with AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Training. Equip yourself with the best understanding of AWS cloud platform.

It is one of the top-rated certifications in the world. It comes with the convenience of online application and learning. With a number of benefits over the non-certified professionals, you can be sure of scoring the best position possible.

Cloud computing has become one of the core competencies in the world of business and the industry of Information Technology. Stay ahead of others owing to the ability to devise, execute, deploy and handle strategies better. Secure your future as cloud computing is not going out of demand any time soon.

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