A Week In The Life Of A Roedean School Student

Located in East Sussex, near Brighton, Roedean School is on a mission to help girls achieve their potential through a distinctly academic and balanced education. The independent day and boarding school for girls boasts a lively atmosphere and a packed schedule of events.

Alongside their curriculum studies, each week, students dive head first into diverse opportunities to showcase their talents, broaden their horizons, and make the most of school life.

So much goes on at Roedean that Headmaster Oliver Blond collates each week’s highlights and the girls’ achievements in a Weekly Review.

Roedean School

Key Highlights From the Head’s Weekly Review

Oliver Blond’s Weekly Review highlights many notable events and student accomplishments. In a spring 2023 issue, which explores just one week, he covered:

  • Three separate student groups’ trips to Iceland, Valencia, and Hamburg.
  • Roedean’s U14s netball squad becoming Sussex Champions.
  • A Year 9 student winning three medals when competing for England in tae kwon do.
  • Students demonstrating their musical talent at an evening recital.

The “Unsung Heroes in the Spotlight” section of the Weekly Review draws attention to a handful of girls from the School’s community who have impressed teachers. In this issue, the segment featured girls who read poems well during chapel, impressed with their musical talent, and delivered an academic lecture to peers.

In the issue, Oliver Blond also recorded how 14 boarders led a continuing professional development (CPD) session for boarding staff. During the session, the girls gave insights into life as Roedean boarders and suggested ideas that could improve the boarding experience.

Roedean School’s Extra-Curricular Activities

Beyond the classroom, Roedeanians enjoy a range of extra-curricular activities each week, from sporting fixtures and student-led clubs to musical events and art trips.


Roedean has a strong sporting heritage and an outstanding record of sporting achievement. There is hockey in the autumn, netball in the spring, and cricket in the summer. Plus, each week, students play in multiple sporting fixtures.

In the Weekly Review issue, Oliver Blond recorded 15 netball matches, with Roedean squads of all ages competing against local schools. Three of Roedean’s teams took part in the Sussex Independent Schools Netball Association (SISNA) tournament, with the U14s becoming the overall winners in their age category.

Alongside write-ups of each sporting fixture, the Head’s Weekly Review also highlights “Sport Stars of the Week.” The Assistant Director of Sport, Emily Kirby-Jones, selects and praises a handful of students who have impressed with their sporting performances or demonstrated exemplary commitment to their team.


Roedean’s Art Department is an energetic hub of creativity, and the School offers a plethora of opportunities for artistic expression. This self-expression is apparent in the students’ diverse creations, which include drawings, paintings, sculptures, three-dimensional media, textiles, fashion design, and lens-based media.

In the week before the 2023 February half-term, Year 10 Design and Technology students visited the Design Museum in London. That same week, the School hosted 40 visiting girls for its annual Visual and Performing Arts Day. The event saw girls partake in a series of creative workshops, which explored art, music, dance, and drama.


Whether students explore music as a curriculum subject or in activities and events beyond the classroom, music at Roedean is spirited and engaging. Roedeanian musicians are highly accomplished and accept regular opportunities to display their passion and talent.

The Weekly Review issue also included a write-up of a memorable evening music recital. The event provided a platform for students to shine and demonstrate the breadth of musical instruments and styles they routinely master.

International Women’s Day 2023

2023 marks 125 years since the pioneering Lawrence sisters founded Roedean School. To mark this anniversary and celebrate International Women’s Day, Roedean welcomed 21 industry-leading women to address students in a series of inspiring talks in March.

Socially Conscious Initiatives

Roedean girls are socially aware individuals who often seek to make a difference in their local community and the wider world. This is evident through the School’s many partnerships and outreach programmes and the initiatives detailed in this issue of Oliver Blond’s Weekly Review:

  • Roedean’s sustainability prefects and Eco Community Action Programme group recently set up an EcoCouncil. The EcoCouncil brings together year-group representatives to share concerns and ideas regarding sustainability at Roedean. The School hopes to achieve the Bronze level of the Eco-Schools Green Flag Award.
  • Year 8 students took part in a sponsored visual impairment day in February 2023, raising over £3,000 for Blind Veterans. On top of this, two Year 13 students ran a fundraiser for Amnesty International, raising £588. So far this 2022/23 academic year, Roedean has raised over £21,600 for charity.

Roedean School’s Future Plans

While drawing inspiration from its notable history as an all-girls school and making the most of present opportunities, Roedean is an innovative and future-facing school.

Roedean School’s future plans include:

  • The development of a £7 million performing arts centre.
  • The construction of a science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM) centre.
  • The conversion of the existing library into a learning commons. This learning commons will provide additional study areas and literature and information technology resources.

On top of this, the School continues to widen access to (and increase) its bursary provision and strengthen its links with other schools. These future projects represent Roedean’s commitment to creating the best possible educational experience for every student.

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