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Design and Marketing: 6 Creative Ideas For Your Website Design

In some cases, a predominantly-text website is usually best. That’s especially true for lawyers, accountants, and other professionals whose clients expect lots of dense, wordy text.

Best Creative Web Design Ideas for Your Website

Creative Web Design Ideas for Your Website

But for pretty much everyone else, today’s fast-moving browsers are optimized for graphics and website layout that’s at least a little bit out of the box. Many times, your website users can guide your design specifications. For example, if they expect lots of pictures and something interactive, give them lots of images and an interactive menu.

While you provide the vision, a good website design company should provide the technical platform. There are about a zillion companies out there who do website design, charging anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars for essentially the same service. To sort it all out, try visiting a site like makeawebsitehub.com that combines both positive and negative professional reviews, as well as important information about different designers, all in one place.

1) Image-Heavy Sites

While they probably won’t work for right-brain professions like lawyers and doctors, sites with lots of clip art or GIFs often work very well for left-brain occupations, like graphic designers, travel agents, and PR people.

A good web designer can incorporate these images in a natural way that does especially well when reaching mobile browsers who are already using touchscreen interfaces.

2) Full Page Image

A variation on the image-heavy theme is a homepage that’s just one big picture. Users navigate to the supporting pages by touching certain areas of the photograph. This idea is a great way to not only entice users to the site, but also get them to stay awhile once they arrive.

3) Image Perspective

Instead of a front-on picture of a graphic designer at a keyboard, use an overhead shot. Or, instead of a street-level view of a busy intersection for a PR or social media site, try a shot that looks up to the sky between the buildings.

4) Videos

A little bit of movement tremendously enhances the site’s appeal. The effect is even more pronounced if the video plays without the user clicking a button. Animation-only videos with no sound are an even better idea, because they are both enticing and unobtrusive.

5) Color Themes

Creative Web Design Ideas for Your Website

Sometimes, less is more. For example, red is a power color, and displaying it promptly conveys a sense of strength and confidence that potential customers want to see. Other times, no color at all is an option, as grayscale images have a power all their own.

6) Color Change

Combine the qualities of a website in motion with the emotional pull of the different colors that you want to showcase your business. Bold, minimalist text graphics help the color stand out even more without being overbearing.

Whatever it is you do for a living, there are about a thousand other people within a stone’s throw who do almost exactly the same thing. To stand out from the crowd, it’s essential to connect with searchers and not only convince them to look at your site, but also convince them to become paying customers, and a good website design accomplishes both these objectives. 🙂

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