Pranjal Dahiya: wiki, age, education, net worth, career and many more

Pranjal Dahiya is a Dancer, Model, Actress, and online entertainment character from India. She became famous a couple of years back by appearing in a Haryanvi pop melody video. She worked with well-known vocalists and executed her energy for displaying in many fashion photoshoots.

Pranjal Dahiya

She is a piece of the Punjabi and Haryanvi music enterprises. Her vocation is furnishing her with open doors step by step and she is functioning admirably since she started her profession.

Who is Pranjal Dahiya?

Pranjal Dahiya is India’s Tik Tok star, model, and entertainer. Pranjal has worked in numerous Haryanvi and Punjabi music recordings. She is as of now the most generously compensated model in Haryanvi Entertainment Industry.

She is known for her lovely and adorable looks, Superb Style, Cuteness, and Amazing Personality. You can say that they are so charming and wonderful that anybody ought to go gaga for them from the beginning. They have countless fan bases in India. It is one of the greatest moving young ladies in Tik Tok.

Pranjal Dahiya Age

Pranjal Dahiya is an entertainer and model in the Haryanvi industry. She was born on 5 May 1996 and her origin is in Faridabad, Haryana. She is at present 26 years of age as of the year 2022.

Pranjal Dahiya family

Pranjal is a piece of a very much rumored group of Haryana. Her dad Mr. Shashi Dahiya is a finance manager. Her mom Mrs. Seema Dahiya and her dad have furnished her with each vital thing throughout everyday life and well-rounded schooling. Pranjal is likewise a sister of one brother whose name is Rahul Dahiya. Her sibling likewise goes with her on many shoots.

She has shared on youtube that her dad kicked the bucket quite a long time back and in May 2021 she has lost her mom as well.

Pranjal Dahiya Education

Pranjal did her tutoring at Dynasty International School Faridabad. She was an extremely brilliant student at her school. Whenever she was in her school, she used to take an interest in social projects and was attached to doing creative things like acting and moving. Subsequent to finishing tutoring she began her career in demonstrating and got herself enrolled with one displaying office when she was just eighteen and half years old.

Her graduation details are as of now not known as she didn’t specify this anyplace.

Pranjal Dahiya Boyfriend

Pranjal is single and pays a great deal of concentration to her vocation as a model. She has worked with various Haryanvi makers, artists, and models. She has additionally worked in the Punjabi business with numerous famous superstars. Working with so many well-known celebs she has never been spotted getting comfortable with anybody of them or formally announcing her relationship with any.

Pranjal Dahiya via social media entertainment

Pranjal has around 1.5 million supporters on Instagram. She got renowned for one of the web-based entertainment applications Tik Tok.

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Pranjal Dahiya accomplishments

In 2019 Pranjal got the Haryanvi Jima Award. It is given to the characters for their great work.

Pranjal Dahiya Career

She is a well-known Tik Tok Star, Model, Dancer, Actress, and furthermore Social media Influencer. She has begun her career as a model. She previously showed up in Haryanvi Mashup 6. From that point forward, in 2019 Future, Jutti Kali, Kamali, DP (photograph), Mangalgraha, Jhanjhar, Tok, DJ Bajwadungi, Gol Si Lag, Fire Mardi, and Moto. She emerged with the tunes Fukri Na Maar, Holi Special, Devdas, Raavan, and Omaha in 2020.

Pranjal Dahiya Net worth

TikTok Star, Model is Pranjal Dahiya’s essential pay source. Her total assets are INR 10 lakhs Approx in 2022.

Pranjal Dahiya’s famous songs

  • Haryanvi Mashup 6
  • DJ Bajwadungi
  • Future
  • Jutti Kali
  • Tokk
  • DP (Photo)
  • Kamli
  • Jalandhar
  • Fire Mardi
  • Holi Special
  • Goli Si Lage
  • Holi Special
  • Devdas
  • Olha
  • Raavan

Pranjal Dahiya interesting facts

  • Pranjal’s nickname is Gulabi Queen.
  • Pranjal has a YouTube channel that is known as Pranjal Dahiya.
  • Being a capable entertainer of good fame on different online entertainment, she has around 1.3 million devotees on her authority id of Instagram, 155 thousand followers on her Facebook page, and 55 thousand subscribers on the YouTube channel, who like her recordings and posts definitely.
  • She has promoted numerous beauty, health, and different items on different web-based entertainment particularly on Instagram, some portion of the famous brands’ names are PROTEIN, MOUNT BOTANICA, and FIT FUEL NUTRITION, BODY CODE INDIA, NUTRABAY, and so on. ABDI NATURALS.
  • Pranjal Dahiya is an animal lover and her #1 creature is the canine.
  • Pranjal Dahiya takes incredible consideration for her well-being and resorts to everyday work-out and quality food to keep her body fit and solid, which is the reason her physical make-up is extremely appealing and sound.

FAQs about Pranjal Dahiya

Who is Pranjal Dahiya?

Ans. Pranjal Dahiya is an exceptionally well-known Female Star on Social Media particularly on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook. She is a Famous Instagram Star, Indian Actress, YouTuber, Dancer, Fashion Model, Lifestyle Blogger, Digital Content Creator, and Social Media Influencer by calling.

Does Pranjal Dahiya Marry?

Ans. No, she is right now unmarried.

Who is Pranjal’s Boyfriend?

Ans. Pranjal hasn’t uncovered a lot about her affection relationship, so we can’t let you know the names of her beau, however, we’ll refresh you soon.

What is the old neighborhood of Pranjal Dahiya?

Ans. Faridabad, Haryana.

What is the age of Pranjal Dahiya?

Ans. 26 Years old.

What is Pranjal Dahiya Height And Weight?

Ans. Pranjal Dahiya Height 5 Foot 8 Inch And Weight 56 Kg.


As we are going through the history of Pranjal Dahiya we got to realize such Pranjal’s reality is loaded with different exciting bends in the road. Her mom’s death stunned her however she never surrendered and came out much more grounded. One thing we ought to gain from her is concentration and commitment to dreams. She had a fantasy to turn into a renowned model and she accomplishes this too.

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