Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Internet Experience In 2021

The Internet has become the most common and appreciated technology of all times. this statement does not need much proof but if you want one, look around yourself and see if the electronics around you are connected with the internet, see if the people are being assisted by the internet, and also check if you can carry out your daily tasks without the internet.

Improve Your Internet Experience

By this observation, you would have found the importance and significance of this out-of-the-world technology that has connected us all in a sort of a web. The Internet has been around for all my life and yet when I start to think about its wonders, I am in awe. Truly amazed!

Since 2020 has been a crazy and unpredictable year, we would want 2021 to be a bit boring and predictable. While we don’t know when and how things would get back to normal, we do know how to enhance your internet experience and make it a bit better for you.

For those of you who are stressed out about the internet speeds and can never enjoy a movie without it buffering and then settle for downloading it, you need to step up. As Donna and Tom from Parks & Recreation would say, you need to Treat Yo’ Self, get yourself a good internet connection.

If you are tight on budget, I suggest you look into Spectrum bundles that allow you to combine your internet, cable, and phone services at brilliantly low prices. When something becomes as important as the internet has become for all of us, we should invest in it the same way.

In this post, we have put together a list of ways that can help you elevate your internet experience in 2021.

Clear up your digital footprint

For the past couple of days, we all have been a bit stressed out about our online footprint after WhatsApp shared its revised policy. If you have become conscious about it, we recommend you start thinking about other online data as well.

If there is an email address that you do not use now, you should perhaps just delete it and clear up your digital footprint like that.

Private web browsing

Using a private browser may make you feel like you are involved in some shady business initially, but we all have private lives and the right to maintain privacy as well. Think about what would happen if your personal chats get leaked or your financial statement can be viewed by your office colleagues. It doesn’t sound nice, does it?

This is the reason that all browsers permit you to use their private modes. You should always browse in a private window when using somebody else’s system or cell phone.

If you use Internet Explorer, private browsing is known as InPrivate Browsing. Click on the Settings menu and click on Safety. You can activate InPrivate Browsing from the Safety menu. If you want to go by the route of keyboard shortcuts, just press Ctrl plus Shift plus P to launch a window of InPrivate Browsing.

For Chrome users, click on the three dots on the top right corner of the webpage. From the dropdown menu, select New Incognito Window, and you start browsing the web privately.

Have fun with the keyboard shortcuts

At this point, the majority of us realize that Ctrl plus C duplicate content. Ctrl plus V pastes. But there are a lot of other keyboard shortcuts that can make your online life easier. Few examples are states here.

  • Ctrl plus Enter will open the URL of anything you put in the address bar.
  • Ctrl plus Shift plus R will clean your cache and restart the internet page you are on.
  • The Ctrl plus H will open the History page.
  • Ctrl plus J will open the Downloads page.
  • Ctrl plus Tab will rapidly move you to the next tab of your browser.

Let your social media be a healthy space for you

Sometimes social media can be brutal and other times it can be stupid. There should be a balance in the feed you take on, every day on your social accounts. Our friends and even ourselves have a different persona online and because of all the different sorts of things that are being fed to us, we start creating our own opinions.

Now, you might have some friends who are great human beings and you respect them dearly but their social accounts are nothing but a political campaign for a party you don’t support. So what should you do? Block? No. There are ways that can help you save your friendship with the person without having to tolerate their postings.

Luckily you don’t need to cut off people from your account just to see less of what they are posting. You can perhaps just soft block their accounts. For Facebook users, there is an option to unfollow a friend or a page and for Twitter users, there is an option to mute a person’s posts from your feed.

This way you will preserve your mental health while maintaining your real-life friendships as well.

Using Facebook was never this easy

We all like to permanently log into our social accounts to save ourselves from future hassle. Although, do you remember all the places you have signed into your Facebook account from?

Your cell phone and home computer are obvious, but other than that did you use it on a friend’s phone or a work laptop? It is a common misconception that closing the browser will log you out and so if you have not logged out yourself, your account can still be accessed from these devices.

Luckily you don’t need to dash back to work to log out now. You can log out of your Facebook accounts from anywhere by going to the top right corner of the screen and clicking the Settings menu. From that point go to Security. In the Security screen, you would see the option to close any logged-in sessions.

Summing Up

We hope that these hacks and tricks would help you enjoy your internet experience a bit more this year.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay happy!

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