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Best Google Gravity Tricks That Will Shock You

People are too much freaked with the popular search engine Google. We know that Google is the leading search engine whole over the world. But people don’t know much about the Best Google Gravity Tricks.

Beside an amazing search engine Google also has some funny and entertaining features to make the people enjoy. It has Funny Google Zero Gravity Tricks which you can try for your new experiments.

Google Gravity Tricks and Google Zero Gravity

Google Gravity Tricks 2017

You might have never seen that your web pages are falling down, icons are broken or moving from left to right and going up and going down. But in the Google Gravity Tricks you can see all these amazing things. All the contents of the web pages are interrelated with the gravitational motion and perform simultaneously.

Google Gravity comes with lots of unique and exciting features by which you can puzzle and attract anyone with this funny idea. A person who doesn’t have any idea of Internet and Computer will be confused by this tricky process of Google Gravity.

Generally you can use the Google gravity tricks whenever you like but you have to know the procedure to use it. Google Gravity change the appearance of the contents and tends it to get displayed in a attracted way by which the content of the browser goes moving up and down or left to right.

To find the Google Gravity you have to open the Internet browser from your PC and in the default search option write “Google Gravity and click on to it. Soon after that you can see a page will open in which you can see “Google Gravity – Mr.doob” just click on that link. And then you start your experiments of the Google Gravity Tricks.

Google Gravity Techniques and Tricks – How to Get It

Apparently by the Google Gravity Tricks you can make anyone bluff and attracted by the funny features. But before you start your experiments you should know about the 20 tricks by which you can make your task more fruitful.

I guess might be eager to know that which are google hidden google tricks available for your amazing experiments, so just have a look to the listed tricks below:

1) Google Flat Fall

Google Flat Fall Trick

This Google Gravity Trick tends to change the content and image of the browser to reduce to the bottom with gravitational pull. Hence everything like content, icon that you search will fall from the top and will bounce in the meantime. Try it.

Google Flat Fall

2) Google Gravity Mirror

Google Gravity Mirror Trick

This Google Gravity Trick will display the content of the browser just like a Mirror image. These kinds of Tricks are quite entertaining and also a bit of challenging. By this trick you can make grab anyone’s attention towards it.

Google Gravity Mirror

3) Google Gravity Underwater

Google Gravity Underwater

The Google Gravity Underwater is a fascinating trick that can offer you exciting experiences. This trick displays the background that has marine sea with several kinds of fishes. Your browser will also start floating in the background. This process is indicates the anti-gravity of showing how Google works.

Google Gravity Underwater

4) Google Space

Google Space Trick

In this process the web content starts floating without the help of any gravitational pull. It display in the same manner like it behave in the outer space. In case if you search for a particular keyword by this Google Gravity Trick the result will be shown in a floated pattern. Moreover in the non-gravitational space the content gets turn into upside down.

Google Space

5) Zero Gravity Google

Best Google zero gravity trick

By this trick you can find that when you are searching for a keyword in the search bar the results automatically gets overturned. The displayed words are also written in a reverse way and it initiates for jumbled. The exciting part you can see when the content get back and bouncy.

Google Zero Gravity

6) Weenie Google

Weenie Google trick

This Google Gravity Trick is the Third Party Google technique. It is doesn’t have any connection and collaboration with Google Trademark. This process works by changing the web icons into minimum price. It is also an efficient technique which you can try.

Weenie Google

7) Google Tilt

Google Tilt

By this process you can see the search results in a tilted direction. You can also try this trick for your experiments then just type “Tilt” and press enter. From this result you can easily differentiate between the minimum results and the usual one.

Google Tilt

8) Do a Barrel Roll

Do a barrel roll google tricks

This kind of tricks can be done very easily. This Google Gravity trick offers quick spin in the browser in just single click. If you want to experience this method then just type “Do a barrel roll” in your browser and click on to the enter button. It’s just awesome try it.

Do a Barrel Roll

9) Google Sphere

Google Sphere Google Trick

By this Gravity Trick you can see that everything from your mouse like links, texts will spread in sphere shape. The flowing of the content is just amazing. Just try it you will feel excited.

Google Sphere

10) Google Loco

Google loco gravity

This trick is like Google Gravity Trick only no differences are there. If you browse in the Internet you will see that the contents of your page fall because of force of gravity. The page falls and breaks up of the page are very nice to see.

Google Loco

11) Zerg Rush

Google Zerg Rush

Do you have ever witnessed that you are looking at something and suddenly its get disappeared? In this way the Zerg Rush really works. By this process you can see that the search results one after another with falling zeros. Entire thing will get clear which is quite surprising.

Zerg Rush

12) Annoying Google

Annoying Google Funny Trick

If you are wondering to change your browser to make your mood happy then you can do it. This process can be done by the Annoying Google trick. Just type “Annoying Google” in the browser and press enter button to see the results. It will perform annoying search instead of Google Search.

Annoying Google

13) Google Energy Saving

Google Energy Saving

By this Google Energy Saving Trick you can save your Energy of your Google Home Screen. This gravity makes trick by displaying a black screen to lower the use of power. Just type “Google Energy Saving” from your browser to enjoy it.

Google Energy Saving

14) Google Anti Gravity

Google Anti Gravity Trick

This trick is almost like the Google zero gravity. Visiting in a search page by Google Gravity you can see that the results will not fall straight wards and will float on different corners. And will fall like slow moving objects in the space where gravity level is almost zero.

Google Anti Gravity

15) Epic Google

Google epic mrdoob

This is another amazing Google Gravity trick which can be called as Google on steroids. By this trick you can see the words you are searching is being displayed can be seen bigger which is quite good to listen. Just type Google Epic in the browser and search for it.

Epic Google

16) Ninja Google

Google Ninja Search Tricks

You may love Ninja very much and beside you Google loves it too. People love it but the fraction is just missing. From now you will not feel bored because this Google Ninja will just blow you. To use it just type “Ninja Google” from your browser.

Ninja Google

17) Funny Google

Funny Google Tricks

By this process you can compact the logo of Google as you like. You only have to type Funny Google from your browser and see for the results. After that a compelling search engine will be displayed and you can see an option for changing the logo. By doing this you can put any name of your choice you want.

Funny Google

18) Recursion

Recursion Google

While searching or writing anything in the Google search bar you can see that if you wrote something wrong or miss- spelt it automatically corrects by showing “Did you mean….. etc. But if you have written “recursion” then it will show the same word Recursion as an option.


19) Google Rainbow

Rainbow Google

The Google Rainbow will make you smile by its wonderful tricks. By using this technique you Google search engine we be colored. You will see that the Google Rainbow is blinking in an animated way by which you will get stimulated.

Google Rainbow

20) I’m Feeling Lucky

I'm Feeling Lucky

This is one of the renowned Google gravitational tricks you can try. You can see the option “I’m Feeling Lucky” in the Google search page and by searching with this option you can get the exact relevant word you are searching for.

The trick will work after enabling the Google Instant alternatives in the search engine. And in case if you see that this option is not performing properly just disable the Google Instant.


Now you can bluff people very easily with the exciting Google Gravity Trick Code that I have mentioned in the above article. Sometimes you may feel bored and also wants to make fun with the use of Google.

So, you don’t have to search more to find the exact way to entertain the people. Just grab the knowledge about the 20 Google Gravity Tricks and start your experiments.

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