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3 Ways Kids Can Have Fun And Be Productive Online

Every parent knows that kids can be glued to their screens for hours on end, but some online activities are more productive than others. There’s nothing wrong with letting your child enjoy some downtime surfing the web.

However, you’d like for them to come away from their screen time with something positive, like confidence, a new skill, or a smile. Here are three productive and fun ways kids can enjoy their time online.

Ways Kids Can Have Fun And Be Productive Online

Online Coding Classes

It may surprise some to learn that computer coding classes, such as Roblox coding for kids, are suitable for children as young as seven, but the best online coding courses have taught young kids and teenagers for over two decades.

Young kids begin learning languages like Python, an entry-level programming language, rather than the simple drag-and-drop “languages” that professionals would never use in the field.

Look for a coding classes for kids that teaches kids how to program their own video game so students are motivated to learn. The best programs feature teachers with expertise in Computer Engineering and Computer Science who are young enough to have grown up playing video games as kids themselves.

When a teacher has subject matter expertise and genuine enthusiasm for their subject, the results improve dramatically. Learning coding online prepares children for the job market and teaches them vital skills, but they’ll have so much fun that they won’t even realize they’re learning.

Learn to Play Music

The internet is full of free music lessons on different instruments, so it might be time to dust off that old guitar in your closet and tune its strings. Starting out may seem daunting if you have never played an instrument before, but you can do it!

All it takes is some time to get your fingers accustomed to moving in the shape of chords, and soon you’ll know enough four-chord songs to keep friends and family entertained for hours. If you can already play an instrument, the internet is a wonderful resource for free chords and lyrics.

Plus, there are musicians out there who take a lot of time to break down songs, and their free videos will take your playing to a new level. Consider giving them a tip or supporting their business in a way that aligns with your musical goals.


There is a glut of things to read online, and not all of it is good. In fact, it’s rife with misinformation and other kinds of garbage!

But there are also fantastic writers out there on every topic looking to form a community with other like-minded people. Talk to your kids about what they’re reading online; keeping tabs on their reading habits prevents them from going down a dangerous misinformation rabbit hole, and it will also tell you a lot about what occupies their minds.

Kids can spend time online and walk away with vital skills the job market requires and those that provide enriching experiences! Keep the above tips in mind, and your child will use the internet to their benefit and even have some fun doing so.

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