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Top 5 Free Online PPC Training Course In India

PPC stands for Pay-per-click. It is simply the campaigns or you can say the search engine marketing. It had developed and evolved over a period of time by leaps and bounds. With evolution of the search engine technology, the PPC advertising platforms also have gained a boost.

Top PPC Courses and Training Programs in India

Online PPC Training Course

There are many new features added and changes are made on the daily basis. With this the requirement of the work force that can do the same effectively has also increased. It is not that easy as it seems to be. Loads of knowledge and information is a must if you wish to excel in this field.

For this you can join in the best PPC training course. There are many such courses that are available even online. Here we are going to list you the Top 5 Free Online PPC Training Course In India. These are as follows:

1) Google AdWords

As you might be aware, AdWords is one of the most popular PPC advertising platform. When it comes to the digital advertising then this is the best that you have. Here you can avail the free of cost tutorials. The free material that you get will give you the brief knowledge about the three levels of  the online marketing courses.

The tutorials that you get here are self-paced. This implies that you can set up a campaign of your own. Also, it gives you a certification process. However, this requires an exam fee to be paid.

2) PPC University by Wordstream

PPC University is the doorstep solution if you want to do the course. There are three levels of this course. You start as a beginner and reach the advanced level. Here you will get the thorough knowledge about the CRO or A/B testing or the remarketing mean.

You can also avail the search-marketing webinars, PPC analysis as well as the whole library of e-books, guides in addition to white papers. This will enhance your skills.

3) Lynda

Lynda - Online Training Videos

Lynda is not a free course. However, you can avail the free trial to get a basic insight into how it works. Here you can avail the Pay-Per-Click Fundamentals course that is quite exclusive that to free of cost. In a way you get a great opportunity just to see whether the course is worth for you or not. If yes then you can avail the monthly subscription of $25. It is a video based curse which is the greatest benefit of the same.

4) PPC Blog

PPC Blog makes use of the AdWords Technique to provide you the brief tutorial in step wise manner. It pays attentions towards the particular questions that you have in mind to ask. Besides, providing you the knowledge it also provides you the access to learn to save time, generate the list of keywords, etcetera.

5) SEO Book

SEO Book is an insight into the world of  PPC in Context from. This is a great opportunity for those who are just at the initial stages. What is it? How does it work? How to benefit from it? Here you will get answers for all these questions. From the beginning courses to the detailed ones, here you will get the knowledge about each and every aspect of PPC.

All in all, these are the top 5 Free Online PPC training course in India. You can go in for doing any of these courses. All of these will enhance your skills and will act as an asset to you. In this every growing recruitment area you will be able to secure a good job opportunity for yourself if you are certified in any of the course.

With just a certificate away you will be able to get the dream job with a dream package in hand. So why not go in for these, make an effort and get what you deserve. 🙂

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