Top 15 Most Famous Indian Brands of Bathing Soap

What are soaps actually used for? Soaps are used for bathing, washing, hand washing and cleaning with water. You would definitely be bathing everyday but are you sure you’re using the best soap for bathing? The Indian market is flooded with too many soap brands that are all priced reasonably for the customers in India.

Most Famous Indian Brands of Bathing Soap

Most Famous Indian Brands of Bathing Soap

Choosing any brand of soap can cause more harm than good for your skin. How are you supposed to know which brand of soap will suit your skin and not cause harm to your skin’s health? If you’re someone who is baffled and confused by the wide array of soap brands that you find in India, here’s help for you. Here are few of the best soap brands in India that are quite popular.

Lifebuoy Hindustan Unilever Ltd.

This soap company is not a stranger in India, in fact, it is the most loved and trusted soap brand that you’ll ever get in India. Lifebuoy was one of the first soaps to arrive in India in the year 1895. In order to compete with the other players in the market, HUL currently offers a 65-gram bar of Lifebuoy soap for just Rs. 10.

Dove Soap

Dove is a Unilever owned, American based personal soap care brand. This brand of soap is usually sold in more than 150 countries and it is manufactured in 24 countries. This is the first company to launch a soap with moisturizer with 1/4th milk. This soap is useful for women, men and also for babies. It is a gentle soap that doesn’t cause any harm to your skin.

Liril Soap

Liril is one of the most prevalent soaps in India and this soap was re-launched as Liril 2000 after adding Tea Tree oil by the company Hindustan Unilever. The Liril soap has 3 fragrances, Liril Cooling Mint, Liril Berry Blast, Tea Treel Oil and Liril Lemon. This soap is promoted by Priety Zinta.

Pears Soap

Pears soap was manufactured and sold in the year 1870 by Andrew Pears and straight from 1917, these soaps have been sold and manufactured by Unilever in India. Among all the other soaps that you get in India, this is the first transparent soap. This soap is also said to be too gentle on your skin and can be also used on kids without causing any harm.

Patanjali Soap

This is one of the Indian organic brands of soaps, widely known as Patanjali. These soaps are made with all sorts of natural extracts and herbs in line with the ancient form of medicine. We all know how Ayurveda is blessed with several health benefits. These soaps are priced at an affordable range and made by FMCG giant, Patanjali Ayurved. A 75-gram soap costs only Rs. 13.

Lux Soap

Lux was initially the bathing soap for celebrities and this was introduced in the year 1929. This is a product of Hindustan Unilever, the soap that swayed the Indian market as the topmost seller till the middle of 1980s. You can now get a basic range of a 75-gram bar of soap for Rs. 26.

Cinthol Godrej Soaps

They have their tagline ‘Alive is Awesome’ and they happen to live up to this promise always. The range of Cinthol comes in 6 types: Original, Lime, Sandalwood, Confidence, Deodorant and Herbal. These soaps under the Cinthol brand will heavily refresh your mind and body with the help of their unique fragrance.

Mysore Sandal Soap

Mysore Sandap Soap is a company that is run by the Karnataka government. This is also the only soap in India that is made of 100% pure sandalwood oil. This soap is manufactured in Bangalore and it is promoted in India in variants like Cream, Rose Milk, Orange, Jasmine and Lavender.

Santoor Soap

Santoor Soap is manufactured by Wipro Consumer Care and this is probably the biggest soap brand in South India. This happens to be the flagship brand of modern beauty soaps with Sandal and Turmeric as the main ingredient. This company has other brands in India that include Yardley, Chandrika soap, Glucovita and Softouch.

Dettol Reckitt-Benckiser India Ltd.

Amidst the current pandemic situation, all are worried about safety and hygiene. For such purposes, Dettol is the ideal soap. This brand of soap includes an apt dose of disinfectant and claims to kill 100% of the microbes and germs on your skin. Dettol Original, Dettol Skin Care and Dettol Cool are the 3 variants.

Hamam Hindustan Unilever Ltd.

This is actually an indigenous product and the Hamam bathing soap was first launched in 1931 by TOMCO (Tata Oil Mills and Co). Over several years, Hamam was promoted as a bathing soap for the family and now Hindustan Unilever has acquired this soap brand.

Medimix Cholayil Group

Are you someone who’s looking for your skin’s natural therapy? If yes, you should definitely get yourself Medimix soap as this offers all-over protection against germs and also treats the blemishes of your skin. This soap is manufactured by Cholayil Group, based in Chennai.

Biotique Soap

Biotique soap is manufactured by the Indian company formed by Vinita Jain in the year 1992. This soap is made out of organic creams and it is chemical-free. This soap is clinically tested and suits several skin types.

Fiama Di Wills Soap

Fiama Di Wills soap is manufactured by ITC Limited, the Indian based company. This soap is extremely soft and it has got a great fragrance that remains with you through the entire day. Fiama Di Wills is one of the most famous soap brands in India.

Nivea Soap

Nivea soap is a German personal care brand that is manufactured by Hamburg-based company Beiersdorf Global AG, founded in the year 1882. Paul Carl Beiersdorf was the main founder of Nivea soap company. This soap is also a soft one and has a great fragrance that remains lively all over the day. It is one of the most popular soap brands in India.

So, before choosing soap for your daily use, make sure they are any one from the list given above as these are the most trustworthy companies in India.

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