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10 Scrum Interview Questions With Example Answers

Scrum master training is a scientific method and not a methodology in which empiricism is used so that people can look after complex problems along with productively and creatively delivering products in the highest cost possible. It is lightweight, simple to understand but difficult to master.

It helps a team to work effectively and it was created by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland. With this great introduction, the dynamics of market changed and this led to development of various changes in the field of management too. Moreover the critics increased positively, posting a range of securities as well as details about the same.

Top Scrum Interview Questions And Answers

Scrum Interview Questions and Answers

Let us have a look at some of the interview questions related to Scrum and its future applications.

What is scrum technique?

It is a problem managing methodology which is used in most of the organizations so that they can understand the reason of a problem and try to fix it. It is measured on the basis of Defect per million Opportunities.

What is COPQ in scrum technique?

COPQ is the acronym of Cost of Poor Quality and it is the cost that arise due to defects in the working in an organization.

What is the role of an executive leader or manager in a scrum technique team?

The role of an executive leader or manager in a scrum technique team is to make sure that the company delivers products of good quality and the customers are satisfies. He/she also has to ensure the team works with determination.

What are the two scrum technique available?

The two scrum technique available are.

  1. Proper emphasis on various factors like implementation as well as management.
  2. Worldwide recognition based techniques for compatibility.

What is the history of scrum technique?

Scrum technique was developed by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland while he was working in a remote area.

What is Pareto Principle?

Pareto Principle says that around 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.

Who does a scrum technique implementation team usually consist of?

The scrum technique implementation team basically consist of scrum technique deployment leader, champion, team handler, coordinating members, faculty workers as well as new teams for backup.

What is the scrum analysis or the scrum technique?

Scrum analysis or scrum technique is a tool used for find out the potential causes of a problem to identify the root problem.

What is mean?

Mean is a variation used in scrum technique in which variations are measured and compared using average.

What is Median?

Median is a variation in which highest and lowest values are found and then divided by 2. Variations are measure and compared by taking the midpoint of the range of the data.

What is Range?

It is the highest and lowest values of a set of data.

What is Standard Deviation?

Standard deviation is a measure used to measure degree of variation in a set of data.

What is mode?

Mode is the value which has occurred most number of times in a set of data.

Explain the three steps of root cause analysis.

The three steps of root cause analysis are open step, narrow step and close step.

Give a few advantages of scrum technique.

It improves business process. It improves the quality of work by reducing errors. Scrum helps the individuals to improve their skills and to get good salaries for their skills.

Give some myths about scrum technique according to common people.

Some myths are that scrum technique is only used in defect reduction, it is just a training, it cannot be used in engineering activities and it has no use in day to day life.

What is a data collection plan?

It is a plan used to collect data to understand the processing and work on it to get improvements. Three primary sources to collect data is input, processing and output.

What is structure scrum methodology?

Structure scrum methodology is the methodology which consists of removing things that do not add value to the process and reducing variation.

A person who aspires to work in the field of Scrum has to have the knowledge of these questions. This will help in securing a subtle future as well as gaining the benefits of the same.

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