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Getting The Most Out Of CBD Oil For Your Cats

Plants and herbs, in general, have been used in treating health and physical issues for centuries dating back to as early as Egyptian times and the cavemen era. Leaves, including some roots, flowers, and even seeds would be crushed and ground till fine, these were then added into hot teas or stirred into meals and fed to the sickly.

Guide to Cannabis Oil for Dogs & Cats

Ancients believed that to go back to Mother Nature for cures and medicinal purposes where we were all created from was to offer a piece of ourselves, they believed that falling ill was not only a sign of weakness but that you had done something wrong and were being punished and the only way to get redemption was to ingest ingredients from nature to be cured from the inside out.

For years this practice worked wonders, and even more so with the use of the Cannabis Sativa plant and flower, while they may not have had the technological advances that we have today to look more closely into ingredients they understood the fundamental health benefits and used them to their advantage.

Cannabis Sativa

If the name looks familiar it may be because it is part of the marijuana family, the cannabis we know of people using recreationally, but although this is one element to the plant and users get a high feeling from the THC component in the seeds, this factor is removed for the safe consumption by animals and humans alike.

THC gives users the psychoactive ‘high’ feeling often associated with euphoria and hallucinations, and hence why it is dangerous for pets and uninformed individuals. THC is extracted using various methods and we are left with a CBD full product that has a long list of advantages.

The higher classification of the plant is known as Hemp (read more about it here and this way you have both sides of the story and with knowledge comes power. You can safely use and administer CBD if and once you have as much information as possible, like with all products and ingredients.

Pet and animal safety

The big question we have all been asking is if CBD products are safe to use for our furry family members, while we know and enjoy reaping the benefits of Cannabidiol for personal use, we need to ensure that it is suitable for our pets before giving it to them and then still within the recommended and research dosages.

Success stories are being posted online and through social media daily of the positive effects, pet owners have noticed in their pets since implementing CBD into their cat’s diets and meal plans.

Not only have they noticed the improved energy levels and thicker, fuller feeling coats, but the anxious and painful moans and whines from inflamed joints or muscles in their cat have significantly reduced and in most cases stopped completely.

We want our pets to live long, happy lives, and let’s be honest, no one not human nor animal is going to enjoy or look forward to getting older and settling into their golden trimester with a body riddled with aches and pains.

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