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James Supamongkon Wongwisut is a young, up-and-coming model and actor from Thailand. His moniker “James Su” has made him well-known in the profession. He has been an actor for GMMTV since 2020. His performance as Beer in the Thai BL drama Oxygen is well-known. This page includes a complete biography, qualifications, career summary, awards, and nominations for James Supamongkon Wongwisut. It also includes details about his personal life, including his age, height, weight, affairs and dating history, relationship status, marital status, wife and children, and a few other intriguing but little-known facts.

James Supamongkon Wongwisut Biography

Bio, Education and Family

Although James Supamongkon Wongwisut never revealed his precise birthplace, he was born in Thailand on February 11, 1999. After finishing his elementary and preparatory schooling in his hometown, he enrolled in Kasetsart University and graduated with a degree in agro-industry. He is presently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in English majoring at Kasetsart University at Thailand’s Faculty of Humanities. Jimmy is fluent in English thanks to his video game vocabulary, which he picks up from the games he plays. James Supamongkon Wongwisut inked a deal with GMMTV in 2020. He made his acting debut in the Thai BL drama Oxygen (2020), where he had a supporting role under the character name Beer.


2020 will see the acting debut of James Supamongkon Wongwisut, a fresh face in the Thai entertainment scene. He hasn’t completed many projects yet. Little is known about James Supamongkon Wongwisut’s personal life because he is a recent arrival to the Thai entertainment scene. We are currently gathering reliable information about him, which will be updated shortly. The actor James Supamongkon Wongwisut’s dramas, both past and future, are listed here.

  • Love Upon a Time (2024)
  • Zomvivor (2024)
  • The Middleman’s Love (2023)
  • The Middleman’s Love: Uncut (2023)
  • Y Journey: Stay Like a Local (2023)
  • Bed Friend: Uncut (2023)
  • Bed Friend (2023)
  • Suphapburut Sut Soi (2023)
  • Catch Me Baby (2022)
  • War of Y (2022)
  • Mafia The Series: Guns and Freaks (2022)
  • Cutie Pie (2022)
  • Oxygen (2020)


  • Love Upon a Time Pilot (2023)
  • Back (2022)

TV Show

  • Funday Season 8 (2023)
  • Sound Check 2023 (2023)
  • Vlog NetJames (2022)
  • DMD Reality (2021)
  • SosatSeoulsay (2020)
  • Khun Phra Chuai (2004)

Two office workers are the subject of the Thai BL comedy series Middleman’s Love. The main character assists the new intern in adjusting to life at work once he joins the company. Their carpooling, after-work chats, and collaboration lead to a tight connection. The main character thinks one of his coworkers has a thing for another employee. He tries to arrange their marriage, not understanding that he is the true object of their adoration. Even if the last episode is surprisingly entertaining, it doesn’t make up for everything that went wrong in the first place. Middleman’s Love is too peculiar of an opening. I find the early episodes offensive, both in terms of their ridiculous humour and annoying perkiness. Although the show grows less theatrical and more subdued, the narratives remain simplistic. The storyline is hampered by juvenile antics and needless padding. In addition, the romance develops slowly and without much depth.

Jade works at an office and has a vibrant, lively personality. A fresh intern has just started working for the company. It is Jade’s responsibility as Mai’s mentor to assist Mai in adjusting to work. He extends a hearty welcome to the new worker. Even though Jade sometimes acts foolishly, Mai finds his coworker’s eccentricity endearing. Mai quickly grows a secret infatuation on Jade. Jade is Mai’s friendly and supportive mentor. Every now and then, they would ride together to work. After work, Jade and Mai also hang together. They go on social events with their coworkers. He tries to make hints about his attraction as Mai’s amorous feelings get stronger. Jade, though, doesn’t respond to the signals and is still in the dark. He believes they are merely being cordial.

Jade claims that Mai’s thoughtful actions are standard office chitchat. Uea, Jade’s buddy, observes what is going on. He cautions Mai about the dangers of falling in love at work. Uea and King, his partner, are coworkers who likewise fell in love at work. Uea is aware of the complexity of relationships from personal experience. Mai affirms that he is being sincere when he says he has a crush on Jade. Uea grants his benediction, believing him. He’ll just watch them from a distance and not get involved. Mai has become friends with another recent hire at the organisation, Gus. They become buddies and hang together in the office and work together on projects. Jade feels a love spark between them as he watches their friendship blossom. He believes they’ll be a good match as a pair. Jade had previously been effective in acting as King’s “middleman” with Uea. He facilitated the two lovers’ relationship by bringing them together. Jade is sure he can bring Mai and Gus closer together since he is confident in his ability to match people.

Jade starts to have a bigger role in Mai’s life. To aid in his matchmaking, he is interested in getting to know his colleague. Mai’s sentiments deepen as they spend more time together away from work. He’s been giving off signs that he’s crushing on a coworker. Jade, however, interprets him incorrectly and thinks his notion is true. His enthusiasm at playing matchmaker becomes even more. The two coworkers get into funny antics as a result of their uncertainty. They have to learn to read each other’s conflicting cues.

King (Siraphop Manithikhun), an office worker with a solid profession but a charming and flirtatious demeanour, is the protagonist of the Bed Friend series. He solely has sexual partners; he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Uea, also known as Supmongkol Wongwisut, is a handsome yet reserved man. The two share an office. Despite the fact that they are longtime friends of Jade (Sittichok Pueakpoolpol), they have known one other for a very long time. Because King was so obnoxious and flirtatious, Uea and King didn’t really get along at first.

Still, it appears to be fate. King grows fond to him after they inadvertently have a one-night stand while intoxicated. Thus, he extends an offer to Uea for a friendship with benefits, or fwb, with the stipulation that their connection must terminate right away if one of them grows fond of the other or meets someone else. Uea first declined this invitation since she didn’t like King. Later, Uea decided to accept King’s offer after she had become weary of being duped by her beloved. At last, King and Uea developed an FWB friendship. It was King and Uea’s belief that they would never feel anything for one another. After work, they got together, acting as normal while at work. As the days went by, Uea started to feel weak as a result of King’s attention.

The BL series “Oxyzen” marked the beginning of popular Thai television actor James Supamongkon Wongwisut’s acting career in 2020. Since then, he has acted in numerous supporting and leading roles; as a result, he has been mentioned as having a good net worth in 2023 and 2024, estimated to be between $.5 million and $2 million as of 2023.

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