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How to Bid Good Bye to Back Pain?

The beginning of back pain may start with kingpin of painful cries but surprisingly a research says that almost 32%of world’s population faces it regularly and they do their regular chores with it. Though there are no short cuts for anything but still there are certain simple tips whose implementation may help you to get rid of back pain with ease.

bid good bye to back pain

How to Bid Good Bye to Back Pain?

1) Avoid stooping- stooping often leads to the beginning of back pain. Avoid stooping as much as you can.

2) Right posture- right posture often helps you in avoiding back pain. In case if you walk straight always you will understand that how the erect body position will avoid this pain.

3) Go outdoors- a body that remains at a place for long develop diseases and back pain is one such common disease. Try to go outdoors at least once in a day even if you have no work.

4) Put your back straight- no matter in what activity you are involve into, ensure if you are sitting than it is in upright position as well as well aligned.

5) Forestall long duration sitting- no matter where you are, at your work place or at home, ensure that you take regular break from the same sitting position. It prohibits the rigidity in spine and muscles.

6) Stretching compulsory- in order to relieve the tired muscles remember to stretch your muscles now and then.

7) Practice some exercise- regular exercises even for half an hour is necessary to keep your body in better condition.

8) Get rid of extra fat- in case if you are aware that you carry those extra pounds than loosing those extra inches will help you in get rid of back pain.

9) No stress- stress often clenches muscles and could prohibit the passage of blood supply and could result in sore.

10) Right food- eat right food that includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains without fats. Avoid smoking and alcohol as much as possible.

bid good bye to back pain

11) Nutritional supplement compulsory- get rid of deficiency by using more of vitamins supplement along with minerals in your food as any such deficiency may cause back pain.

12) Take cushion’s support for high duration driving- if you don’t have one than get one for yourself today!

13) Avoid carrying heavy weight in your back- carry weight with the aid of whole body and not with your back bone also.

14) Utilize forelimb and back limb for regular chores and not your back.

15) Utilize cold/ hot pack for massaging- use hot and old compressors to relieve your back muscles.

16) Massage therapist may be a good help.

17) Keep a good backache spray in case of any emergency.

18) Buy a straight back chair that provides complete comfort.

19) Always buy a comfortable mattress that gives you a good sleep and at the same time provides good support too.

20) Keep pain killers as they might be needed in case of emergencies.

21) Doctor’s advice is most important than any other remedy. Remember to take the advice at the time of need.

Follow This Tips and I hope that It will Good Bye your Back Pain, If you have any question then comment below.

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  • Hello Harshil, That’s really good ideas to stop back pain. These tips are very beneficial to sciatica patients for fight with pain. But Harshil I think for stop back pain people have also avoided to sit slumped in your desk chair at long time, because a lot of time bending stops your stretches and it’s affecting for sciatica.