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5 Dressing Tricks from Famous People of Bollywood and Hollywood

According to public opinion, the trend in dressing up is highly subjected to the influence of famous people. People from acting realm, from Royal households, and personalities from the music industry, creates an impact in fashion.

Various personalities create different styles that the public follows and copies. It is inevitable to feel important or to feel a significant boost of self-esteem when you get to dress similarly like your favorite personnel.

Bollywood Dressing Tricks

Since the internet has so much to offer, we summed up all the basic tips from the wardrobe of Famous People to 5 dressing tips. We have here several fresh and essential tips that you have to know sincerely from your favorites.

1] Plain Tops

Plain tees must be staple clothes for anyone – may it be a Hollywood star or an average person. Famous individuals ranging from Hollywood personnels Chris Hemsworth and Kate Hudson to Bollywood’s fashion icons Ranbir Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor, all admitted that they are plain tops enthusiasts.

One of the wonders that plain tees can offer is the fact that they can be mixed and matched with almost anything. A plain white shirt is never a mistake when paired up with jeans, a skirt, a pair of shorts, or just anything.

When you think plain tees are bland, you can also top it over with some jacket – may it be a denim jacket or a leather one, a plain tee can suit it well. For this versatility of plain tees, it is the most basic clothing that an individual should have – in high numbers.

2] Shorts and Baggy Pants

Moving on to the lower region of our body, short shorts and baggy pants are one of the best options for tropical countries. Not only are these lower clothing lines comfortable, but they are also easy to pair with anything.

Short shorts and tailored shorts will be the main bottom essentials for the male population for the remainder of this year and every summer season. Tailored shorts are easy pull-outs for a comfortable smart casual.

Short shorts meanwhile can be your savior from the heat and fashion crises for your daily comfort. Sashi Suryawanshi has been spotted with a cropped shorts and he didn’t disappoint anyone with it.

Harem pants must be wardrobe staples for the ladies – not just because Aladdin just aired but because it is the very clothing epitome of fashion and comfort. Harem Pants can be paired with plain tee, a cute summer hat, a pair of sandals and you’re good to go.

Crop tops are also good pair-ups for baggy pants if it suits you. For reference, Kim Kardashians has been one of the top celebrities seen with harem pants in various lengths pairing with cute blouses and sandals.

3] Loafers

Gone are the days where loafers are only limited to men’s fashion. These good old comfortable shoes are wardrobe staples for everyone. They are fashionable, they are comfortable, and they are easy to match up to almost anything.

Classic Gucci loafers have been the favorite of several Hollywood personalities such as Katie Holmes, Leslie Mann and many others. Even Akshay Kumar owns a pair of red loafers to finish off a casual look.

Loafers in black or white are easy to pull and pair shoes. You can wear them with your shorts, pants, or whatever you prefer. Since they can quickly look good with anything, you wouldn’t have a hard time when you have one.

Hollywood Dressing Tricks

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4] Classic Watch

Watches are necessary accessories. It’s okay not to wear almost anything, but a look with and without a watch will always be a different look. Watches give a vibe of a nobleman. It additionally puts some spice on your outfit.

Meanwhile, David Craig, Prince William, and Gianni Agnelli all pride the wearing of an Omega Seamaster watch. An OMEGA watch is a classic watch that doesn’t look too extra but looks classy enough to uplift your fashion to a different level.

David Craig, who starred in the remake of James Bond, stated that he liked the watch because of its simple blue design. Trust me when I say, he has filmed most of his recent films with this timepiece and he looks gorgeous with them.

5] Hats

To finish off this list from head to foot, another clothing must-have according to famous individuals is a hat. There will always be some time where you’d feel like something is lacking from your outfit when you don’t have something on your head.

What most people neglect is the fact that hats are essentials to complete a whole look. During winter, a bonnet would be essential. In the summer, a summer hat would be a total killer even with just your bikini outfit.

Famous singers such as Celine Dion and Bruno Mars have admitted and have been relatively hat icons because of their admiration with the accessory.

6] Takeaway

Fashion is an everyday language that evolves continuously in the course of time. As big names mold the bearing of the fashion world, the few essentials are to be taken note in every trend.

The tops, bottoms, the essential shoes, the type of watch, and the head accessory should be heeded from the top fashion universe. Taking these five essentials into consideration can help make your fashion sense transform into a Hollywood and Bollywood level.

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