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6 Types of Blouses Every Woman Should Have

Finding the perfect top to wear can be challenging for any woman. From sleeveless to shirts, there are various options to choose from. However, most of the go-to clothing for some women is the blouse. With its versatility, types, and styles, you can wear one for almost different events!

Women's Blouses

What are women’s blouses, and why are they on-trend?

First, don’t confuse Women’s Blouses with a woman’s shirt – they are entirely different! To give you an idea, a shirt buttons up while a blouse is pulled over your head in various flowy fabrications. Some of the reasons why many women prefer blouses are because they are a massive timesaver, budget-friendly, and perfect for any event or occasion!

Blouses are made from fabrics that drape and stretch, which makes them a good choice for many body types. You can now say goodbye to the days of buying a blouse meant getting it stitched first! From choosing a suitable fabric to finding a good design, there’s a reason why blouses are popular nowadays.

6 Types of Blouses That Every Woman Should Have

Now that you understand the difference between a shirt and a blouse, check out the different types of blouses. If you are searching for the perfect outfit for the day, here are the six types of blouses to complete your look.

Lace Blouse

A lace blouse is perfect if you’re looking for a top that screams femininity, class, and beauty. It has an elegant fabric and flashy embellishments like patchwork designs or sequins. This blouse fits any body type and accentuates a woman’s femininity and softness.

Sheer Blouse

You might have heard of sheer blouses just recently! Thanks to the Kardashians wearing these blouses, sheer blouses quickly become the trend in blouses. A sheer blouse is your best choice if you’re up for a more daring fashion trend with a touch of elegance.

Silk Blouse

A silk blouse is a luxurious and elegant option perfect for formal occasions. You can wear a silk blouse with a skirt or trousers for a sophisticated look or dress down with jeans for a more casual outfit. For warmth, layer a silk blouse under a blazer or cardigan.

Off-shoulder Blouse

Are you looking for the perfect top to complete your summer outfit? an off-shoulder blouse is a bright and playful option! Pair it with shorts or a skirt for a casual look, or dress up with trousers and heels for a night out. An off-shoulder blouse is also a great way to show off your shoulders and collarbone, making it a flattering choice for many women.

Denim Blouse

If you are looking for a blouse that provides versatility and comfort, go for a denim blouse. It can be dressed in a skirt or trousers for a more formal look or jeans and sneakers for a casual outfit. You can also wear a denim blouse under a sweater or worn open over a t-shirt for added warmth.

Statement Blouse

A statement blouse is a fun and bold option that can make a statement. It can be worn with simple trousers or a skirt to let the blouse take center stage. A statement blouse can come in various styles, including bold prints, bright colors, or unique details like ruffles or sequins.

Add Beautiful Blouses To Your Wardrobe Today!

Blouses are versatile and stylish clothing every woman should wear. By owning different blouses, you can create outfits that fit multiple occasions. Shop for beautiful blouses and add them to your wardrobe today!

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